Quantum Tones Healing celebrates new space with open house

BERLIN — Eric Breault of Quantum Tones Healing, is expanding his holistic practice to include a space designed to offer a range of services to clients. To celebrate his new location, Breault invites everyone to a grand opening complete with sample sound healing sessions and light refreshments. The grand opening will be held on Saturday, May 6, at 55 Maynesboro St., from 10 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.

For over a decade, Breault has been offering local guided meditation classes, sponsoring holistic fairs, and teaching and meeting with Reiki clients.

Celebrating the open house with Breault is massage therapist Leane Rexford, owner of Northern Oasis, who is also located in the health and wellness complex. During the open house there will be sample sound healing sessions, and light refreshments, including tea, wine, cheese and chocolate will be served.

All who attend will have a chance to win a gift.

During his sound healing sessions, Breault uses tuning forks, Chinese gong, Tingsha bell, didgeridoo, Native American drum, crystal singing bowls and bronze singing bowls, along with Reiki treatments in a session to connect to and release imbalanced energy through the power of sound and vibration.

According to Breault he prepares a client’s healing session so that the space feels professional, safe and comfortable. The client rests on a massage table, relaxed in the somber atmosphere with the soothing smell of essential oils and surrounded by the various sound healing instruments.

“During the session, the client would enter a pure state of relaxation as the high vibrational sounds vibrate through their body. The sonic symphony, with some guided meditation, will offer a new emergence of sound and vibrational healing,” Breault said.

Breault also noted that relaxation and meditation have always included soothing sounds, but sound healing is finding new support and science known as vibrational healing that uses the vibrations of the crystal bowls, the human voice, tuning forks, gongs and Tibetan singing bowls go a step beyond relaxation.

Breault said ancient cultures used chanting, and singing bowls to restore health and relieve pain. It has seen an increase in demand at wellness events. Users report deep relaxation, but also relief from aches and pains, to alleviating anxiety from chronic illnesses.

Breault is a hearing-impaired individual who navigates with the help of his hearing aids and fully experiences the world on a vibrational level. In many studies, science says that such positive vibrational qualities can relax the brain patterns and reduce respiratory rates, which has been documented to decrease the stress hormones in the body.

Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor, an oncologist and clinical assistant professor of medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York and the author of The Healing Power of Sound. “That is significant, he said, because stress can depress every aspect of the immune system, "including those that protect us against flu and cancer."

The community is welcome to partake in the one-on-one experience of the sound healing movement, or join in on a group class.

The new space for Quantum Tones Healing is designed to create a private street level access for Breault’s current and new clientele.

“This expansion into a new space is exciting, and speaks to the demand and interest for self-care and our growing commitment to the transformative journey of the person,” said Breault.

Breault is a local spiritual coach who focuses on the spiritual journey of awakening. According to Breault he uses techniques that inspire, motivates and enlighten people from his traditional education and spiritual training.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in human services and by combining the two coaching skills with his clients, he seeks to serve the community and connect with people in a unique one-on-one experience in Reiki, sound and vibrational healing.

Breault works with students in the local school system and was involved with the WREN Local Works Maker Studio as an instructor. As his business continues to grow, he shares his experiences through, healing sessions, classes and training.

The new Quantum Tones Healing space is located at 55 Maynesboro St. in Berlin. It is within the same building as Northern Oasis and K&S Fitness. Breault plans to continue to sponsor local holistic fairs in the larger space, schedule workshops, group meditations and private sessions. The next holistic fair with a variety of new and seasoned vendors will be held on Saturday, May 13, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in both the Northern Oasis and Quantum Tones Healing spaces.

Quantum Tones is presently available by appointment. To make an appointment or to learn more about his services, call (603) 728-5886 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also find him on Facebook at Quantum Tones Healing or The North Country Holistic Fairs Group page.

sound healingEric Breault is giving his niece Alicia Breault a reiki, sound and vibrational healing session. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Re/Max agents receive award for productivity

BERLIN — Realtors with Re/Max Northern Edge Realty received the Per Agent Productivity Award from Re/Max of New England. Realtors with Re/Max Northern Edge Realty were third out of 228 Re/Max offices in all of New England for number of transactions per agent in 2016. Re/Max Northern Edge Realty is located on 232 Glen Ave. in Berlin. For more information contact the office by phone, (603) 752-0003 or email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and online at www.teamner.com


ReMax PAPA AwardRe/Max Northern Edge Reality received Per Agent Productivity Award. Pictured from the left, first row, Jennifer Stewart, Carl Mercier and Lucie Remillard. In the second row, Mark Danoski, Steve Grone and Matt Martel. Back row, Wayne Micucci and Chris Lunn. (COURTESY PHOTO)

NH Community Loan Fund offers special assistance for homebuyers with low incomes

The N.H. Community Loan Fund has begun offering loan and grant packages aimed at making homeownership affordable even for people and families with low incomes.

Depending on the borrower’s situation, Your Turn homebuyer assistance may include interest-free loans, or a grant, that can be applied to the purchase, down payment, closing costs, or upgrade of a home.

The Community Loan Fund has promoted manufactured homes as affordable housing for more than three decades. Its award-winning Welcome Home Loans are the nation’s first fair, fixed-rate, long-term mortgage loans for manufactured homes.

“We’ve seen with Welcome Home Loans that homeownership remains barely beyond the reach of some borrowers, even though we require a very low down payment and base our lending decision on people’s ability to pay, as opposed to their credit score,” said Jennifer Hopkins, the Community Loan Fund’s director of Single-Family Housing. “We also know that in many New Hampshire communities, owning a manufactured home is increasingly the most-affordable housing option.”

“As with all our lending programs, Your Turn assistance attempts to deliver the right kind of help at precisely the right time—when it might make the difference between buying an affordable home or continuing to rent,” said Hopkins.

To qualify for Your Turn assistance, homebuyers must intend to buy a manufactured home that already is, or will be, sited in a New Hampshire resident-owned community or on land they own or are buying, have household earnings that qualify as low-income and be approved for a Welcome Home Loan.

Your Turn homeowner assistance and Welcome Home Loans are supported by Bank of New Hampshire, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston and the N.H. Housing Finance Authority.

A full list of ROCs in New Hampshire is available at www.communityloanfund.org.

For more information on the Community Loan Fund, go online to www.communityloanfund.org or call (603) 224-6669.

Selling on eBay workshop offered at White Mountains Community College

BERLIN — Come and learn how to make extra money at the Selling on eBay workshop at White Mountains Community College. The workshop will show participants how to create an account, photograph and list items, and how to communicate with customers. 

Selling on eBay workshop will include:

1. Students will first set up an eBay and PayPal account.
2. Students will bring items to each class, which they will actually list and then sell, right in class.
3. Students will also learn how to either photograph or scan and then list their items, properly. Once the item is sold; they will learn how to package it properly and then ship it to the customer.
4. Students will learn how to monitor eBay to track their progress and understand the fee system.
5. Students will learn how to respond to customer’s inquiries, regarding an item.
6. What not to sell on eBay!

Requirements to attend the workshop include a personal email account, items for sale, at least five different items each class; for example, a record, a book, a DVD, a Disney souvenir, and an old coin, a camera or cell phone to photograph each item, a cable to download the photos of these items, a credit card to open an eBay account, laptop, and appropriate packing materials like boxes, padded envelopes, tape, scissors, packing, etc.

Class is scheduled April 26, through May 17, and will meet Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. The course is instructed by David Moore and the cost is $80.

Register for any non-credit and professional development courses by contacting Tamara Roberge, project manager, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone (603) 342-3062.