NH Wood Energy Council recognizes Berlin Housing Authority modern wood heating installation

The N.H. Wood Energy Council recently recognized The Berlin Housing Authority for their installation of an advanced wood pellet boilers at their Welch Apartments facility in Berlin.

Berlin Housing Authority installed the boiler to switch from heating oil to locally sourced wood fuels, thereby reducing heating costs and using a renewable, low carbon fuel alternative.

As part of the Model Neighborhood Project, the Northern Forest Center provided Berlin Housing Authority (BHA) with a $25,000 grant toward the purchase of high-efficiency wood pellet boilers for the facility in downtown Berlin that houses 55 elderly and disabled people.

The BHA installed the pellet boilers as part of an overall energy efficiency and improvement project for the housing facility that involved the Berlin Better Buildings program and significant support from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. As a result of this investment:

• BHA expects to save on annual heating fuel costs.

• All of the money spent on wood pellets stays in the regional Northern Forest economy, versus exporting 78 cents of every dollar spent on No. 2 heating oil.

• The wood pellet boilers use wood pellets made from wood grown and processed in the Northern Forest.

• Increased demand for pellets can help stabilize and increase employment in forest-based businesses, such as pellet production, logging, forestry and trucking.

• Increased demand for pellet material creates a new market for forestland owners who benefit from multiple income streams to sustain good forest stewardship and keep their forests as forests.

As boilers tend to be hidden away from public view, the handsome locally made wood plaque will be displayed in a prominent location to help visitors to the facility to understand the commitment that the Berlin Housing Authority has made to modern wood heating technology and sustainable energy.

The N.H. Wood Energy Council is a public-private education and technical assistance initiative to promote advanced wood heating, and supported by the USDA Forest Service. It is coordinated by North Country Resource Conservation and Development Council. Visit NHWEC at www.nhwoodenergycouncil.org.

Berlin HousingMembers of the Berlin Housing Authority pictures from the left are John DeChamplain, Chuck Dodge, Mary Jo Landry, Chair Paul Croteau, Margaret McClellan, and Theresa Saucier. (COURTESY PHOTO)