Madame Xtina to open Tarot Room in Berlin

BERLIN — In need of some spiritual guidance, or curious where life might take you next?

Professional tarot-card reader Christina Lefebvre will hold the grand opening celebration of the Tarot Room on Pleasant Street in Berlin on Monday, Feb. 20. Lefebvre will offer a free one-card reading at the opening, along with champagne, chocolates and chance to will a full reading.

Lefebvre is a professional tarot-card reader who moved to Berlin a few years ago with her husband to pursue their dreams of living the best life, after years of corporate compromises. Her husband Brian enjoys skiing and together they own Thirteen Rentals, a property management company with short- and long-term rentals in the area.

After receiving a tarot deck from her mother for Christmas over 20 years ago, she quickly fell in love and felt drawn to the iconography and the storytelling element of the cards. After several revealing readings of friends and strangers, she knew she had discovered a talent: using the Tarot to help others.

Then came the transformation from Christina into Madame Xtina, professional tarot card reader.

Now, she is making the full-time leap to tarot reading as her full-time passion, doing readings throughout the week, and spending her weekends working on upcycling artworks. With her career change, she is excited to share her connection to the tarot with the Northern New Hampshire communities.

The Tarot Room is located at 273 Pleasant St., acoss from Andre Belanger, Studio Works Gallery. Lefebvre has been involved with local olistic fairs, taught local art classes, tarot card workshops, and done private party readings for two years, and is finally settling into a traditional storefront with plans to make available one-on-one online readings.

The Tarot Room was designed to be a private and safe place for all who come for a reading with private, street-level access. As she sages the fabric lined purple room to clear it of other energies, she says, “The best explanation I have found to describe what I do is that I am providing information that is communicated to me by images and feelings. This is sent to me by my spirit guide who is communicating with your guardian angel.” Xtina continues, “There is no reason to fear what you will hear because I am only communicating what is revealed to me through your guardian angel. You will only understand what they need or want you to hear.”

Madame Xtina believes that to foretell someone’s future is to negate their free will. When coming to Xtina for a reading, you can expect truth and advice told in a loving and caring manner. Most readings result in giving you some direction or advice to move toward goals you wish to achieve.

The Tarot Room’s grand opening on Monday, Feb. 20, from 2 to 7 p.m., across from Andre Belanger’s Studio Works Gallery on Pleasant Street.

The Tarot Room will be available for Tarot readings by appointment only for now and will be open to walk-in appointments in the future. Find the Tarot Room on Facebook @MadameXtina at The Tarot Room.

Xtina TarotThe Tarot Room’s grand opening will be held on Monday, Feb. 20, from 2 to 7 p.m., across from Andre Belanger’s Studio Works Gallery on Pleasant Street, and will include champagne and chocolates, a free one-card quick reading, and the chance to win a free full reading.