Shopping locally now has a style

Local businesses and independent business advocacy groups are bringing “Plaid Friday” to the Granite State. 

Shift Your Shopping NH, a business and economic campaign representing more than 2,000 locally owned and independent businesses in New Hampshire this holiday season, announces the first-ever statewide “Plaid Friday” event, a colorful local economy alternative to big box store Black Friday on Nov. 24.

Plaid Friday celebrates the role of locally owned, independent businesses in creating vibrant communities.

The playful use of plaid — a classic mainstay of New England wardrobes — represents a warm alternative to the anonymous consumer frenzy of Black Friday and the isolation of online shopping.

The name Plaid Friday was conceived from the idea of weaving the individual threads of small businesses together to create a strong fabric that celebrates the diversity and creativity of independent businesses. Everyone is encouraged to explore the state’s downtowns and main streets with family and friends on Friday, Nov. 24 while wearing big, bold plaids. Many stores, museums and restaurants will offer deals and special events. Plaid Friday adventures are documented with the #PlaidFriday hashtag.

Monadnock Buy Local and Seacoast Local first brought the Plaid Friday concept to their regions in 2010. This year, they’re partnering to invite like-minded organizations to grow the campaign across the state. Plaid Friday is a hallmark event in a season-long Shift Your Shopping campaign, encouraging consumers to shift to local shopping for the holidays. 

Making the shift to local independents is one of the surest ways to create jobs and build strong local economies in New Hampshire, and it has an even greater impact during the holidays when most households are increasing their spending. Numerous studies show that every dollar spent at locally owned, independent businesses recirculates two to four times more in our community than a dollar spent elsewhere, creating a multiplier effect that grows jobs, philanthropy, profits and a network of entrepreneurship.

“Local businesses are putting their best foot forward to create a unique holiday experience for their customers and communities. When we choose to join in, the results are memorable: a more enjoyable experience, more thoughtful spending overall and a deeper connection with your community at the end of the day,” says Karen Marzloff, director of Seacoast Local.

The website provides a gateway to resources from many community campaigns and includes easy-to-use graphics and activities that allow participating partners to spread the critical message easily where they live. Visit the site for for information on the campaign, partnering organizations, special events and stories from Granite State communities making the shift in 2017.