Selling on eBay workshop offered at White Mountains Community College

BERLIN — Come and learn how to make extra money at the Selling on eBay workshop at White Mountains Community College. The workshop will show participants how to create an account, photograph and list items, and how to communicate with customers. 

Selling on eBay workshop will include:

1. Students will first set up an eBay and PayPal account.
2. Students will bring items to each class, which they will actually list and then sell, right in class.
3. Students will also learn how to either photograph or scan and then list their items, properly. Once the item is sold; they will learn how to package it properly and then ship it to the customer.
4. Students will learn how to monitor eBay to track their progress and understand the fee system.
5. Students will learn how to respond to customer’s inquiries, regarding an item.
6. What not to sell on eBay!

Requirements to attend the workshop include a personal email account, items for sale, at least five different items each class; for example, a record, a book, a DVD, a Disney souvenir, and an old coin, a camera or cell phone to photograph each item, a cable to download the photos of these items, a credit card to open an eBay account, laptop, and appropriate packing materials like boxes, padded envelopes, tape, scissors, packing, etc.

Class is scheduled April 26, through May 17, and will meet Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. The course is instructed by David Moore and the cost is $80.

Register for any non-credit and professional development courses by contacting Tamara Roberge, project manager, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone (603) 342-3062.

Research finds involuntary part-time employment remains high

Although unemployment overall has returned to its pre-recession level, involuntary part-time employment is still above its pre-recession level, according to new research released by the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire. If the rate continues this pace of decline, it will not return to its pre-recession level until 2018, a full nine years after the official end of the recession.

The research also found racial and educational disparities in involuntary part-time work persist. Since the recession, involuntary part-time employment declined by more than 30 percent for white, Asian and Hispanic workers but by less than 20 percent for black workers. Among workers with less than a high school degree, 9 percent work part time involuntarily compared to just 2 percent of college graduates. Involuntary part-time workers are more than five times as likely as full-time workers to live in poverty, and they earn 19 percent less per hour than full-time workers in similar jobs.

“Some have asked whether this level of involuntary employment is the new normal,” said Rebecca Glauber, associate professor of sociology and faculty fellow at Carsey, who conducted the research. “In the post-recession, the largest share of involuntary part-time employment is attributable to a gain in work hours — workers moving from unemployment to part-time. Perhaps today, involuntary part-time employment is a quick stop on the path toward full-time work. Or perhaps not. As the economy continues to recover we need to explore the complexities of involuntary part-time employment and disparities in the recovery.”

The full report can be found at

Re/Max agents awarded membership in 100 Percent Club

BERLIN — Wayne Micucci, Jennifer Stewart and Steve Grone, sales associates with Re/Max Northern Edge Realty were recently awarded membership in the Re/Max 100 Percent Club for Top Producing Realtors who have closed more than $3 million in real estate transactions within a calendar year. “We’re very proud of their accomplishments, and their ongoing commitment to servicing their customers and clients," said Carl Mercier primary broker of Re/Max Northern Edge Realty. Re/Max Northern Edge Realty is located on 232 Glen Ave. in Berlin. For more information call (603) 752-0003 or visit

100ClubPictured from the left, Wayne Miccuci, Jennifer Stewart and Steve Grone. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Cutline: Chapman makes donation to snowmobile club

Chapman DonationLocal business developer Bob Chapman once again demonstrates his willingness to support community organizations as he donates several steel beams to the White Mtn. Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club from Berlin. These beams are used to build bridges on the snowmobile trail system in the area, which can give riders the opportunity to access local businesses, contributing to the local economy. Pictured from the left, Matt Godbout, of the White Mtn. Ridge Runners, Bob Chapman, and Jesse Chapman. (COURTESY PHOTO)