Mt. Moriah Cottage is a true home away from home

By Sarah Kinney

On Tuesday, the Top Notch Inn showcased their most recent addition, the Mt. Moriah Cottage.

During the last year, Sally Brassill and Odd Bersvendsen, owners of Top Notch Inn have been working with crews to renovate the 1940s style bungalow into a group rental unit, which sleeps up to ten people.

The house has five bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a professional kitchen, and a living room.

Outside, there is a large grassy yard, two porches, a grilling area, and a driveway large enough for several vehicles.

Brassill said there was a strong attempt to use local and or environmentally friendly materials in the cottage.

There is also a sense of trying to bring the local forests inside. Most of the rooms have a white-washed barn board feature wall. There are wood floors throughout the house. The two first floor bathrooms have birch bark wall paper that looks so real, you have to touch it to make sure it wasn't just peeled from a tree.

In many rooms, paintings by Will O'Brien highlight the local scenery.

Simple Structure, LCC was in charge of the renovation. They also built the headboards and some of the cabinets and side tables. Other furniture was purchased from Top Furniture.

On the first floor is one bedroom with a king size bed. On the second floor, one bedroom has a king size bed, one has a queen size bed, and two bedrooms each have two twin beds. Each room has a unique personality and is decorated differently.

Mt. Moriah Cottage is located at 259 Main St. Gorham, N.H. The cottage rents for about $280 to $320 per night for two people, with $20 each additional person. Unlike their other units, it will be available for rental year round. For more details about booking, you can visit  


Berlin City Chevrolet holds grand opening

BERLIN – Berlin City Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC held a grand opening recently to celebrate the $1.8 million addition to its Route 16 facility. Berlin-City-Chevy
General Manager Chad Crane explained that the addition was actually completed last summer but with the peak business season underway, there was no time then to mark the occasion. So the celebration and official ribbon cutting was held last Thursday.
The addition included a new façade in the showroom area and additional square footage in the rear for the new drive-in service entrance. Crane said customers can now drive their vehicles right indoor into a reception area to get them serviced.
Also included was a brand new waiting area for customers, complete with free Wi-Fi. The service department received some upgraded technology to make the process more efficient and smoother.
Crane stressed that Berlin City used local contractors for the project. Ray's Electric of Berlin was the general contractor for the project and Steve and Dennis Binette attended the ribbon cutting. VR Concrete of Colebrook did the concrete work and all of the building material and supplies were provided by Caron Building of Berlin.
On hand to cut the ceremonial ribbon was Yegor Malinovskii, Berlin City Auto Group vice president.
Crane said the new addition has been good for business, which he said increased eight to ten percent over the past year.
"The business has improved," he said.
Crane said Berlin City Chevrolet, Buick  and GMC will pick-up and deliver cars for service within a 30-mile radius of the business. It also offers free state inspections.


Steve Binette, Dennis Binette, Eric Bedard, Finance Manager Caroline Poulin, Sales Manger Paul St. Hilaire, General Manager Chad Crane, Berlin City's Market President Yegor Malinovskii, Parts Manager Gary Poirier, General Sis Manager Robert Hill, General Manager Berlin City Auto Group Edmond Watson, and Adam Freeman


QuickBooks: Spring-clean your QuickBooks company file

There are a lot of clues that indicate trouble with your QuickBooks company file. Is it time for a check-up and tune-up?

After this ridiculously long winter, you'll probably hear few complaints about things like puddles in the street, summer heat and spring cleaning. Most people are eager to throw open the doors and windows, and attack the dirt that the season left behind, both inside and outside of the house.
It's not hard to see when your home is dirty. QuickBooks company file errors are harder to detect, but they're there, including:
• Performance problems.
• Inability to execute specific processes, like upgrading.
• Occasional program crashes.
• Missing data (accounts, names, etc.).
• Refusal to complete transactions.
• Mistakes in reports.
Call for help
The best thing you can do if you notice problems like this cropping up in QuickBooks – especially if you're experiencing multiple ones – is to contact an expert who understands the file structure of QuickBooks company data and has access to tools that you don't. A QuickBooks expert can analyze your file and take steps to correct the problem(s).
One of the reasons QuickBooks files get corrupt is simply because they grow too big. That's either a sign of your company's success or of a lack of periodic maintenance that you can do yourself. QuickBooks contains some built-in tools that you can run occasionally to minimize your file size.
One thing you can do on your own is to rid QuickBooks of old, unneeded data. The software contains a Condense Data utility that can do this automatically. But just because QuickBooks offers a tool doesn't mean that you should use it on your own.
A risky utility
The program's documentation for this utility contains a list of warnings and preparation steps a mile long.
We recommend that you don't use this tool. Same goes for Verify Data and Rebuild Data in the Utilities menu. If you lose a significant amount of company data, you can also lose your company. It's happened to numerous businesses.
Be proactive
Instead, start practicing good preventive medicine to keep your QuickBooks company file healthy. Once a month or so, perhaps at the same time you reconcile your bank accounts, do a manual check of your major lists.
Run the Account Listing report (Lists | Chart of Accounts | Reports | Account Listing). Are all of your bank accounts still active? Do you see accounts that you no longer used or which duplicate each other? Don't try to "fix" the Chart of Accounts on your own. Let us help.
Be very careful here, but if there are Customers and Vendors that have been off your radar for a long time, consider removing them – once you're sure your interaction with them is history. Same goes for Items and Jobs. Go through the other lists in this menu with a critical but conservative eye. If there's any doubt, leave them there.
A few alternatives
There are other options. Your copy of QuickBooks may be misbehaving because it's unable to handle the depth and complexity of your company. It may be time to upgrade. If you're using QuickBooks Pro, move up to Premier. And if Premier isn't cutting it anymore, consider QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.
There's cost involved, of course, but you may already be losing money by losing time because of your version's limitations. All editions of QuickBooks look and work similarly, so your learning curve will be minimal.
Also, try to minimize the number of open windows that are active in QuickBooks. That will improve your performance. And what about your hardware? Is it getting a little long in the tooth? At least consider adding memory, but PCs are cheap these days. If you're having problems with many of your applications, it may be time for an upgrade.
A stitch in time...
We've suggested many times here that you contact us for help with your spring cleanup. While that may seem self-serving, remember that it takes us a lot less time and money to take preventive steps with your QuickBooks company file than to troubleshoot a broken one.
Rhonda Rosand, CPA is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor and helps small business owners streamline the process of making money by setting up and cleaning up their QuickBooks® files. She is the owner of New Business Directions in North Conway and can be reached via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Sign up to receive free newsletters at


Nitrous Oxide pain reliever now available at Valley Birthplace at AVH

The Valley Birthplace at Androscoggin Valley Hospital is excited to announce the addition of nitrous oxide, commonly known as "laughing gas" as a pain option tool for women during childbirth. The service will be available starting in June.

The tasteless, odorless gas is a 50-50 mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide and is blended using a specialized device. The mixture is then self-administered by the mother through a mask or mouthpiece, which she inhales from. Nitrous oxide's advantages include being able to administer it quickly, once the decision has been made for its use. It also has a quick response time. Many women experience relief in less than one minute, lasts for approximately a minute and it then dissipates within five minutes of stopping use. It can be stopped at any time during labor, depending on mother's preference. It doesn't affect a woman's labor progress, nor her ability to push. It also doesn't make her newborn groggy, as some narcotics do.

"At the Valley Birthplace at AVH, the nurses and providers recognize the importance of providing as many pain options as possible," commented Deborah Alonzo, RN, Women's Services Coordinator. "Women are clearly able to manage any discomfort during labor by choosing if and when to self-administer the nitrous oxide."

The Valley Birthplace has, in addition to nitrous oxide, a number of pain-reducing techniques and resources available. They include childbirth education, breathing techniques, one-on-one labor support from nursing staff, emotional support from partner and staff, massage, movement/position changes, relaxation techniques, therapeutic use of heat or cold, epidural / spinal anesthesia, pain medication, use of water during labor by either showers or large soaking tubs. 

For more information or a tour of the Valley Birthplace at AVH, please call 326-5882 or visit