Make dancing your New Year’s Resolution with the Mount Washington Valley Stompers Square Dance Club

CONWAY — Want to burn 200-400 calories in one-half hour? Want to cover five miles in a single evening of dancing? Want low impact aerobic exercise? If you answered yes to any of these questions than consider Modern Western Square Dancing as your New Year’s Resolution.

The Mount Washington Valley Stompers Square Dance Club, now in its 45th year, is offering a new beginners class, this means “no experience necessary”, starting Monday, Jan. 23, at the American Legion at 6:45 p.m. in Conway. The first class is free and you’ll be treated to a pie social—yes, they’ll help you burn those calories. In addition to the health benefits listed above, square dancers find that the side to side movements of many dances strengthens your weight bearing bones like the tibia, fibula and femur and can help prevent or slow loss of bone mass, osteoporosis. If you’re recovering from heart or knee surgery, movement may be part of your rehabilitation. Dancing is a positive alternative jogging. It keeps the mind sharp and contains a social component that solitary fitness endeavors don’t.

If you can walk, you can dance and the caller will walk you through every call. The music is fun and you’ll find you’re dancing and maybe even humming along to a lot of old and new pop tunes! The dress code is casual. Singles are welcome and hearing enhancement is available. The weekly instructional classes are held at the American Legion on Tasker Hill Rd, Conway. In 16 weeks, you’ll be dancing like a pro!

Beginner’s class is held from 6:45 to 8:15 p.m., followed by Mainstream level continuing workshops for class graduates and seasoned dancers. For more information check the calendar of events on or call: (603) 694-2080 or (603) 447-5266.

new classEd Solar and his wife Sue (back turned far left ) travel Conway, from Dummer to square dance. They're inviting new students and will carpool to Conway. Student Kaylee McLellan, (pictured far right) had no trouble catching on to the calls along with Norm Littlefield (green striped shirt). (COURTESY PHOTO)