Kirstan Knowlton: Spring Cleaning

Earlier this week I was having a conversation with someone about preparing our children for life as  adults.

Things like knowing how to sew on a button or how to open a checking account or even setting up electricity in your name when you move into an apartment.

The list is endless, and even as a fairly well rounded adult, there are still plenty of things that I had yet to experience on my own.

But today that is about to change!

One of my favorite memories, growing up was going to the town dump with my father. I’m pretty sure that we still had trash pick-up at the house, but every so often we would head to the dump with our recycling.

I remember the makeshift dirt roads leading up to these big metal containers. It always seemed busy with people waiting their turn to use specific bins.

I could hardly wait for our turn to unload the items — the glass containers were my favorite. I loved the sound they made as they shattered at the bottom of the metal bin.

Some of the containers had an elevated road leading right up to it. There would be a metal-grated walkway along the edge of the bin. I loved looking in to see all the trash, but being afraid of heights I didn’t stay there for long.

By now, you’re likely thinking, well that’s cute, or this lady is a little strange, but it all has relevance.

I’m probably way more excited than I ever should be, but today Jamie and I are making our first trip out to the dump together. We’ve been working on cleaning up the yard and going through some of the old stuff at the house and finally decided it was time.

A small milestone for sure, but at least for me there is something very satisfying about doing this basically on my own.

Over the years I became very reliant on others for their help, and a lot of tasks became something that a man did. It feels good to be more independent.

I’m sure I’ll get the "look" from Jamie, which usually includes an eye roll and a long sigh, but I will definitely be taking a picture of this.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. Tonight two comedians will be performing at St. Kieran’s at 7 p.m., and don’t forget about the special Sunrise Service at 7 a.m., at the Bryant Farm on Hillside Ave., in Berlin.

Kirstan Knowlton writes a weekly column for The Berlin Daily Sun. Her inspiration comes from events and people in the community who continue to work hard to make the North Country one of the best places to live. You can contact Kirstan by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..