Kirstan Knowlton: An apple a day

Wednesday, Aug. 30, marked the kickoff to apple season with New Hampshire Apple Day. Now in its ninth year, Apple Day is celebrated by a trip to a local orchard by the governor for the ceremonial first pick.

Now, I know that many of you are super excited that pumpkin everything has made its way back to the stores, but in my opinion there’s nothing like a cup of hot apple cider and freshly made cider donuts on a cool fall day.

Growing up in Bow, my family had a small section of apple trees in our backyard. My mom used to spend time canning them and making applesauce.

Occasionally, she would try her hand at making something with the crabapples, and if you’ve ever had them, then you know just how tart they can be. But despite their sour flavor, my mom could make some mean crabapple jelly.

At one point I had gathered up some canning supplies and thought about learning the art of food preservation, but then I quickly reminded myself, that cooking isn’t quite my thing. I think I’ll leave that up to the professionals.

But even without canning, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a good apple.

Making for more than just a great photo opportunity, picking apples can be a great family friendly activity.

We’ve been to a few different places over the years, and always find it to be a lot of fun. We always pick more than we need, but then again, fresh apples do make good gifts.

One of my favorite places to go this time of year when I had some spare time was the White Mountain Cider Company in Glen. They have the best donuts, and even when we got half a dozen, they rarely survived the ride back home.

It’s been a while since I’ve been out that way, so I’m not sure if they’ve reopened that portion of the restaurant since the fire. So if anyone knows, I’d love an update.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Music in the Great Northwoods will be hosting its annual Big Moose Bach Fest this weekend on Saturday and Sunday at the Medallion Opera House in Gorham.

Admission is by donation, and each night, the show starts at 4 p.m. With this year’s theme of “Good and Evil” it’s sure to be a good time. For more information about this and other events by Music in the Great North Woods go to

To learn more about where to find apples in New Hampshire, go to or

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