Nordic Fiddlers Bloc To Appear At Colebrook Country Club On Friday, September 29

COLEBROOK — The fall Great North Woods Committee for the Arts concert series at the Colebrook Country Club kicks off at 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 29 with the Nordic Fiddlers Bloc.

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc is a fiddle trio from Norway, Sweden and the Shetland Islands who swiftly gained a reputation for their gripping and unique blend of fiddle music since their inception in early 2009.

Members include Anders Hall from Sweden and Kevin Henderson from the Shetland Islands. Rounding out the trio for this tour is Norwegian fiddler Erlend Viken from Oppdal in Norway, who is widely regarded as one of the top fiddlers in Norway on both fiddle and hardanger fiddle.

“If you’ve never seen a hardanger fiddle played, get ready for a new experience,” said Great North Woods Committee for the Arts President Charlie Jordan. A hardanger fiddle is very similar in design to a violin, though with eight or nine strings (rather than four as on a standard violin) and thinner wood. Four of the strings are strung and played like a violin, while the rest, named understrings, resonate under the influence of the other four. The instrument often is highly decorated, with a carved animal (usually a dragon or the Lion of Norway) or a carved woman's head as part of the scroll at the top of the pegbox, extensive mother of pearl inlay on the tailpiece and fingerboard, and black ink decorations called “rosing” on the body of the instrument. Sometimes pieces of bone are used to decorate the pegs and the edges of the instrument.

Each member of Nordic Fiddlers Bloc is regarded as leading exponents of their respective traditions, they have found themselves in great demand throughout the world. Their clever use of harmony, rhythm, riffs and bass lines creates a sound that leaves the listener enthralled but at the same time amazed that the sound only comes from three fiddles.

The group has received rave reviews from the press as they’ve toured the globe sharing their unmistakable sound. “I surrender unconditionally to these master musicians, “ Sweden’s Lira Music Magazine said. “Pure fiddle doesn’t get much better than The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc,” opined FolkWorld. “A shimmering display of accurately pitched, highly skilled musical accomplishment,” reviewed The Scotsman.

“We are delighted to present this internationally acclaimed group to our region for the first time,” said GNWCA President Jordan. “Our audience will discover the world of international music delivered right on their doorstep when these consummate fiddlers perform in Colebrook.” This show is co-sponsored by VR Concrete, Inc.

Tickets are $15 and available at Fiddleheads, 110 Main St., Colebrook, online at or at the door. For more information on these and other GNWCA shows, find the Great North Woods Committee for the Arts on Facebook, visit or call (603) 237-9302 or (603) 246-8998.