GoSolar NH to host fire safety training forum

GORHAM — GoSolar NH will be addressing the topic of solar industry and safety at an upcoming meeting at the town hall in Gorham, on Tuesday, April 18.

According to GoSolar NH, a lot has been said about firefighter safety with regard to fighting fires on a building that has a solar panel array installed. This meeting aims to assist in that area of study. GoSolar NH is offering this training seminar to clear up any misconceptions about solar safety.

The seminar will run from 6 to 7 p.m., followed by a chance to learn more about solar panel arrays and the benefits of transitioning into a solar powered environment.

"Part of our mission is to be intrinsically tied to the communities we service," said GoSolar NH co-founder, Jake Ottolini. "This forum enables us to connect with community members on a more personable level and offer an answer to a pressing issue that exists in our industry right now. By working with the Town of Gorham and their fire department we’re setting the trend for safety measures that affect everyone working to spread solar power as not only economically and environmentally sound, but safely sound as well. Education is as important as the sale and acquisition phase of a solar project, and this is one way in which we are engaging community involvement and awareness. We’re all in this together.”

For more information visit www.gosolarnh.net or call (603) 466-2366.