New Hampshire Grocers launch Double Up Food Bucks

Select New Hampshire grocery stores will launch the healthy food incentive program Double Up Food Bucks starting this August. Double Up matches the value of the Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) spent on locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, helping low income families bring home more nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables.

Participating Double Up grocery stores include the Berlin Marketplace in Berlin. All of the participating stores are member owners of Associated Grocers of New England, a retailer-owned cooperative grocery wholesaler located in Pembroke.

“We are thrilled to bring this proven program to some of our New Hampshire stores,” said Mike Violette, president and CEO of Associated Grocers of New England. “Food insecurity is a real challenge in New Hampshire, and being able to offer locally grown, healthy fruits and vegetables to low-income families is a big win. It’s good for our customers, our local farmers, and local businesses.”

Here’s how Double Up works at participating stores in New Hampshire: Customers receive 50 percent off New England grown produce purchased with their SNAP/EBT card, up to $20 a day. The discount will be automatically applied at the register. Customers should let the cashier know before checking out that they will be paying with their EBT card. The Double Up program will begin in early August and run throughout the New Hampshire growing season, while funding is available.

“Double Up is a win-win-win,” said Oran Hesterman, president and CEO of Fair Food Network, which developed the Double Up model in 2009 in Michigan. “Low-income families bring home more healthy food, local farmers sell more produce, and more food dollars stay in the local economy. Each has a positive ripple effect of benefits.”