Community Church Softball League finishes second season

SoftballghroupA city wide Community Church softball league just finished it's second season. Started by Jaimie Amato in 2016 with just two teams, this year the league has doubled to four teams. Players from Word Of God, Lamb's Chapel, Community Bible and Harvest Christian Fellowship came together on Sunday afternoon for a friendly yet competitive game of softball. According to organizers of the event, when one team was short it didn't matter what church you attended, someone filled in, and everyone cheered everyone else on. Many weeks an impromptu barbecue started up with people stepping in to man the grill. In the future, there is hope for another season of combined events and more churches joining in. In the end, it was the athletes from Lamb's Chapel that took home the winning trophy. Amato received the MVP plaque for pulling everyone together. (COURTESY PHOTO)