Dean's List for Feb. 18, 2017

College of the Holy Cross

Tyler Sanschagrin of Gorham.

Norwich University

Nicholas Keith Hartshorn of Gorham.

Southern New Hampshire University

Alexandra Aldrich of Berlin.

Natalie Drouin of Gorham.

Megan Mayers of Gorham.

Heather McClure of Gorham.

Springfield College

Madeline Rodgers of Gorham.

Michelle Smith of Gorham.

University of Hartford

Thomas Gallagher of Berlin.

University of New Hampshire

Miriam Arsenault of Berlin.

Kelly Dube of Berlin.

Emily Landry of Berlin.

Laura Tilton of Berlin.

Emily Tennis of Berlin.

Dustin Moore of Berlin.

Brett Labnon of Gorham.

Alexis Marcou of Gorham.

Brian Veazey of Gorham.

James Lemieux of Gorham.

Emily Grone of Gorham.

Brooke Nadeau of Gorham.

Cathleen Daniels of Milan.

Cutline: Spelling Bee winner will compete in Concord

GHS Spelling BeeGorham Middle High School held its annual Spelling Bee on Jan. 25. There were 15 students from the Gorham Middle School who participated. The winner of the Spelling Bee was Libby Fortin (pictured on the left) who won on the word caterpillar. She is the daughter of Shelli and Paul Fortin. Second place went to Nicholas Wade (on the right), the son of Keri and Dennis Wade. Libby will be moving on to the state level on Feb. 25, at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord. (COURTESY PHOTO)

College overview for juniors to be held Monday, Feb. 13

BERLIN — The Berlin High School Guidance Department will be hosting a workshop for the parents of juniors on Monday, Feb. 13, at 6 p.m. in the Berlin High School Library lead by a representative from NHHEAF (New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation).
This presentation is designed to give parents and juniors an overview of the college application process, deadlines to be aware of, and basic information on financial aid.
Senior year of high school can be overwhelming for both students and their parents. This workshop is intended to demystify the process and will help educate the student and family about college admission procedures. For more information call the Berlin High School at (603) 752-4122.

Intersession 2017 held at the Gorham Middle High School

GORHAM — This year students at Gorham Middle High School participated in a school wide event called Intersession. Intersession is designed to allow students a break between the traditional academic semester.

This year’s Intersession theme was “Growth Mindset”. When people exhibit a growth mindset, they believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work as opposed to a fixed mindset where people believe their basic qualities, like their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits.

With this in mind, advisory’s (a mixed group of students throughout each grade) were allowed to brainstorm activities in which they could participate and demonstrate a “growth mindset”.

Some of these activities included indoor rock climbing, cross country skiing, fat-biking, playing pickleball, canvas painting, ice skating, stained glass, cooking and yoga.

Various students quoted, “Intersession gave me the opportunity to create bonds with people I normally wouldn’t interact with, it was a good chance to learn something outside the classroom.” “I had a lot of fun and I learned something new!”

 GHS IntersessionStudents spent the day learning to cook Greek cuisine. Pictured from the left, Madison Rivard, Ajay Landry, and Karly Cordwell. (COURTESY PHOTO)