Middle School celebrates academic success at MVP Assembly

BERLIN — On Wednesday, April 19, Berlin Middle School held its MVP Assembly for the third quarter marking term. MVP cards were issued to students that received High Academic Excellence Awards and Academic Achievement Awards. The following businesses support the MVP Program: Hallmark Hall of Greetings, Hair Improvements, Middle Earth, Maureen’s Unique Boutique, Supreme Pizza, Notre Dame Arena and BHS Winter Sports Program. The following students received the MVP card:

Grade 8: Makenna Balderrama, Grace Bradley, Lily Campbell, Emily Coulombe, Cassidy Dana, Kelly McCormick, Becca Pouliot, Julieenne Provencher, Nicole Reynolds, Kyra Woodward, Jenna Laflamme, Emmelia Letendre, Emile Morris, Dominick Paradis, Tyler Rousseau, Mickailey Walsh and Joseph Zimmer.

Grade 7: Madison Bergquist, Jonah Berthiaume, Andrew Cole, Chloe Dagesse, Matthew Gagne, Zachary Griffin, Jillian Hallee, Kameron Huntoon, Brayden Landry, Hayden Munce, Gwendolyn Pelchat, Isyss Remillard, Brady Buck, Benjamin Estrella, Alexa Gagnon, Jason Hamel, Richard Hernandez, David McGloughlin, Carter Poulin, Cole Ruediger, Zeb Thomas and Adam Warner.

Grade 6: Jacob Dalphonse, Jeremyah Dow, Emma Labelle, Ella Bacon, Brody Duquette, Vincent Higgins, Erin McCormick, Alexis Perry and Maya Wedge.

Students with the highest grade point average were also recognized for their outstanding achievement. Recipients of the highest GPA, by class and subject, were:

Mrs. Stever: Grade 8 Math: Becca Pouliot.

Mr. Barth: Grade 8 English: Grace Bradley, Lily Campbell, Kelly McCormick.

Mrs. Arguin: Grade 8 Science: Makenna Balderrama.

Mrs. Watson: Grade 8 Social Studies: Kyra Woodward.

Ms. Mather: Grade 7 Social Studies: Brayden Landry.

Mr. Mullins: Grade 7 Math: Brayden Landry.

Mrs. Kopp: Grade 7 English: Victor Morales.

Mr. Welch: Grade 7 Science: Chloe Dagesse.

Ms. Boutin: Grade 6 Math: Emma Labelle.

Mr. Bouchard: Grade 6 English: Emma Labelle.

Mr. Roberge: Grade 6 Science: Jonathan Leite.

Mr. Lauze: Grade 6 Social Studies: Emma Labelle.

Ms. Crosby: Art, Grade 8: Grace Bradley and Mia Dalphonse; Grade 7: Gwendolyn Pelchat, Griffin Melanson, Chloe Dagesse and Madison Bergquist; and Grade 6: Justin Ayotte.

Ms. Palmer: Family and Consumer Science, Grade 8: Jace Arsenault, Emily Coulombe, Tia Landy-L’Esperance, Tia Hawkins and Dustin Rainville; Grade 7: Matthew Gagne; and Grade 6: Alexis Bourassa.

Mrs. Pouliot: STEM, Grade 8: Julieenne Provencher; Grade 7: Jillian Hallee; and Grade 6: Jeremyah Dow, Kevin Murphy and Alexis Perry.

Mrs. Poulin: Physical education, Grade 6: Jacob Dalphonse, Emma Labelle, Ella Bacon, Cienna Langlois, Makenna Peare and Abigail Stewart. Grade 8 Health: Alyssa Delafontaine, Dominick Paradis, Nicole Reynolds, Joe Zimmer, Aeris Costine, Cassidy Dana, Brooklyn Goodwin, Kelly McCormick and Kyra Woodward.

Mr. DeBlois: Grade 6 Health: Vincent Higgins. Grade 7 Physical Education: Madison Bergquist, Chloe Dagesse, Zachary Griffin, Zeb Thomas, Rebecca Host, Kadence Gendron, Richard Hernandez, Kameron Huntoon, Griffin Melanson, Bronsen Poulin, Anna Salek and Emily Roy. Grade 8 Physical Education: Lily Campbell, Joe Zimmer, Aeris Costine, Shawn Kay, Tyler Rousseau, Mickailey Walsh, Kyra Woodward, Bianca Price and Timothy Girard.

Mr. Oberti: Chorus: Olivia Baillargeon and Ashlin Lozeau.