Berlin Middle School holds eighth grade promotion night

BERLIN — Berlin Middle School held their Grade 8 Promotion Night on June 13, for all eighth grade students entering grade nine at Berlin High School. Grace Bradley, BMS student council, began the evening with the Pledge of Allegiance. Ashlin Lozeau, grade eight student, sang the National Anthem. Grace Bradley, student council began the evening with a welcome speech thanking students, staff, administration and parents for the three years spent at the middle school.

Many awards and recognitions were given that evening. They included:

Physical Education Award — Aeris Costine.

Health Award — Jenna Laflamme.

STEM Award — Jenna Laflamme.

Art Award — Lily Campbell.

National Junior Honor Society — Recognition Award - Braylynn Alverado.

Presidential Awards for Educational Achievement — Olivia Baillargeon, Vanessa Berry, Kyleigh Black, Jacob Cooney, Cassidy Dana, Alyssa Delafontaine, Caryn Goodrich, Padence Henry, Shawn Kay, Timothy Kay, Colten Lapointe, Ashlin Lozeau, Dustin Rainville, Tyler Rousseau and Beyonca Shadoan.

Math Award — Julieenne Provencher.

Social Studies Award — Kyra Woodward.

Science Award — Sophie Wheeler.

English Award — Becca Pouliot.

Student Council Awards — Grace Bradley, Kylee Easton, Madison Letarte and Joseph Zimmer.

Yearbook Award — Alyssa Delafontaine.

BMS Sportsmanship Awards — Grace Bradley and Joseph Zimmer.

Band Director’s Award — Kelly McCormick.

Chorus Director’s Award — Ashlin Lozeau.

Principal Service Awards — Vanessa Berry, Lily Campbell, Jacob Cooney, Aeris Costine, Shaun Goyette, Adam Hodgdon, Emile Morris, Dominick Paradis, Tyler Rousseau, Mickailey Walsh, Kyra Woodward.

Presidential Awards for Educational Excellence — Braylynn Alerado, Jace Arsenault, Makenna Balderrama, Grace Bradley, Lily Campbell, Aeris Costine, Emily Coulombe, Mia Dalphonse, Elijah Gilcris, Timothy Girard, Shaun Goyette, Kaeleigh Hamlin, Adam Hodgdon, Jenna Laflamme, Madison Letarte, Emmelia Letendre, Kelly McCormick, Emile Morris, Dominick Paradis, Becca Pouliot, Julieenne Provencher, Nicole Reynolds, Mickailey Walsh, Sophie Wheeler, Kyra Woodward and Joseph Zimmer.

Anthony Urban Award — Grace Bradley and Joseph Zimmer.

The evening concluded with a power point presentation of “A Trip Down Memory Lane” and closing remarks were given by Jace Arsenault, National Junior Honor Society. At a reception immediately following the ceremony, each student received a promotion certificate and a T-shirt from the Berlin Middle School PTO.