Berlin Middle School announces fourth quarter honors

BERLIN — Tammy L. Fauteux, principal at Berlin Middle School, has announced the fourth quarter honor roll for the 2016-2017 academic school year. Any student with an average of 92.0 with no class average lower than an 88 in any subject is recognized for high academic excellence. Any student with an average of an 88.0 with no class average lower than 85 in any subject is recognized for academic achievement.

High Academic Excellence – Grade 8

Makenna Balderrama, Grace Bradley, Lily Campbell, Mia Dalphonse, Jenna Laflamme, Kelly McCormick, Dominick Paradis, Becca Pouliot, Julieenne Provencher, Nicole Reynolds, Mickailey Walsh, Sophie Wheeler, Kyra Woodward and Joseph Zimmer.

Academic Achievement – Grade 8

Emily Coulombe, Cassidy Dana, Brooklyn Goodwin, Adam Hodgdon, Shawn Kay and Emile Morris.

High Academic Excellence – Grade 7

Madison Bergquist, Brady Buck, Andrew Cole, Chloe Dagesse, Ben Estrella, Matthew Gagne, Kadence Gendron, Jillian Hallee, Kameron Huntoon, Brayden Landry, Griffin Melanson and Gwendolyn Pelchat.

Academic Achievement – Grade 7

Jonah Berthiaume, Landon Boucher, Rayna Bourbeau, Alexa Gagnon, Rebecca Host, Ashley Kempen, Jordan Lambert, Kyleigh Lang, Hayden Munce, Carter Poulin, Cole Ruediger and Cameron Sloane.

High Academic Excellence – Grade 6
Jacob Dalphonse, Jeremyah Dow, Brody Duquette and Emma Labelle.

Academic Achievement – Grade 6

Justin Ayotte, Ella Bacon, Joseph Dellis, Jayse Law and Erin McCormick.