Telephone Recovery Support for North Country residents

As the winter brutal cold-season is hitting us very hard many individuals with SUD have limited transportation. Berlin has many shut in folks who can not walk to our center as well as those who have disabilities that limit their mobility. The Hope-Berlin Recovery Center offers; anyone who is interested we offer Telephone Recovery support. Our team of recovery coaches are calling our neighbors around the north country if they want to have us check in with them and support them on their recovery journey.
We encourage you and your organization or agency to connect your clients, patients or community members to call the center at 752-9900. We are open Monday through Friday 9-5 and evening outside groups hold mutual aid and more joining in the new year. On tap will be parenting and family support groups, homecomers returning from being incarcerated, Veterans groups and more. Our daily schedule is on our Berlin Recovery Center Facebook Page. Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for our daily schedule. Please stop by for a visit and coffee and bring some literature back to your businesses.
Happy holidays and a joyous new year. Please feel free to forward this email across the north country.