Androscoggin Valley Hospital Adds Telemedicine Service for Emergency Department Patients

Androscoggin Valley Hospital and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Connected Care are collaborating to launch a new telemedicine service for AVH Emergency Department patients needing consultation and treatment.

The partnership brings together Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s specialists and Androscoggin Valley Hospital’s acute care team via a program which provides 24/7 access to highly qualified off-site physicians who offer emergency evaluations, recommendations for relevant therapies or interventions, facilitation of transfer when necessary, and efficient customer service for both patients and families.

“We are thrilled to join a tremendous bedside team at AVH and help the providers, staff, and, most importantly, patients, in whatever manner needed,” stated Kevin M. Curtis, MD, MS, medical director of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Connected Care.

When activated, this telemedicine program can provide immediate support to Androscoggin Valley Hospital’s local care team by connecting highly skilled clinicians to the patient's bedside via live, two-way secure video on large format, high-definition mobile carts. The connection allows the off-site provider to review vital signs, examine test results, review the medical chart, examine the patient, and interact with providers and family at the patient’s bedside.

Keith M. Shute, MD, MMM, AVH chief medical officer/senior vice president, explained, “We are very excited to bring this technology to Androscoggin Valley Hospital. By engaging with this new form of telemedicine, response times for patient care are shortened, allowing the medical staff to improve patient safety. The off-site assistance can aid in providing diagnosis and treatment within minutes. This added wealth of knowledge and expertise can and has had a great impact in producing positive patient outcomes. This system will allow us to continue to provide high quality patient care right in our community.”

Androscoggin Valley Hospital’s Emergency Department typically sees approximately 8,900 patients each year.

For more information about this service, call Susan Letendre, RN, AVH director, emergency department, at (603) 326-5713 or visit Androscoggin Valley Hospital on the web at