Same day appointments

COLEBROOK — As part of its continuing mission to provide health care services to North Country residents and visitors, Indian Stream Health Center has unveiled a two-phase approach to expand access. Starting July 7, the Center is expanding hours in both its Colebrook and Canaan, Vt., locations and is offering same day appointments.

“The community need is certainly there,” said Jonathan Brown, CEO of Indian Stream Health Center. “The need for health care services is not confined to the ‘9-5’ business day so we felt it was important to extend our hours to support busy individuals and families. We’re also pleased to provide the option of same day appointments — even for those new to our practices.”

The new office hours are as follows:

Colebrook: Monday - Friday: 7 a.m.–7 p.m. and Saturday: 8 a.m.–noon.

Cannan, Vt. location: Monday – Thursday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

“Both initiatives are a key step forward,” said David Amin, M.D., chief health officer at the health center. “We are pleased to offer this new access to those we serve as well as to new patients and visitors to the area.”

Amin went on to explain that adding the same day appointments meets a community need for quality, cost-effective care. “Far too often, those needing to see a medical provider outside of regular office hours wind up in a local hospital emergency department, even if their condition is not life-threatening. By offering same day appointments, we’re providing people with the option of lower cost care without the potentially longer wait of an emergency department.”

“As a practicing emergency department physician, I can say with certainty that for a life-threatening issue, emergency or trauma care, the emergency department is the best place to treat severe conditions. But if your issue is a sprain or strain, cold or flu, a child with an ear ache or other minor issues, a same-day appointment can have you treated sooner and with a smaller co-pay.”

Adding another layer of patient convenience, Indian Stream Health Center’s Colebrook location also houses a full- service pharmacy on its lower level. Staffed by experienced professionals, the pharmacy offers a drive-through window and is a certified 340B provider (drug discount program for those in need). “We’re pleased to be able to have the pharmacy as part of our campus,” said Mr. Brown. “It is available to our patients and the general public.”

“We strongly feel that these important steps will help support a healthier community.”

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