Indian Stream Health Center releases community newsletter

As part of its ongoing effort to share news and information about its practice, Indian Stream Health Center is introducing a community newsletter.

“In addition to our daily core mission of patient care, we feel it is also important to provide avenues through which our patients and the community can access news and information about our practice,” said Indian Stream Health Center CEO Jonathan Brown. “This new element, along with our Facebook page and Twitter, offer multiple ways to learn about practice happenings.”

Mr. Brown went on to say that the newsletter-BeWell-would be released about six times a year and that patients and others could pick up a copy at Indian Stream Health Center’s locations in Colebrook and Canaan, Vt., as well as at the North Country Chamber of Commerce. The newsletter will also be on ISHC’s website and be sent out to via email. Anyone wishing to receive the newsletter going forward can email Indian Stream Health Center at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

News about Indian Stream Health Center can also be accessed via its Twitter handle — @indianstream and via Facebook Mr. Brown noted that these two avenues would continue to provide “real time” news and information, details on community events and even information about office closures in the event of inclement weather.