Cutline: AVH recognized for donation to Relay for Life

Relay-For-Life---AVH-Sponsorship-2015-RelayKathryn Bailey, community manager for the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, receives a $1,000 check from Russell Keene, AVH Chief Executive Officer, for a Silver Sponsorship of the 2015 Relay For Life event which was held in June on the Gorham Common. Ms. Bailey presented a plaque to Mr. Keene and Linda Morris, AVH Relay For Life Team Captain, for the Hospital’s generous donation and support of the American Cancer Society. The AVH Team raised over $11,000 for the cause this past fund-raising year. From L-R: Linda Morris, Katy Bailey and Russel Keene.

Dial-A-Hearing Screening Test

By Dr. James O'Day, Audiologist, AVH Surgical Associates

Androscoggin Valley Hospital (AVH) is now offering the general public a FREE hearing screening test. This is a telephone test which should be taken in quiet over a good telephone connection. This test is the first step toward hearing better, and instructions are given over the phone. However, put simply, if you hear the 4 tones in each ear, then you have at least fairly good hearing; if you don't, then you need a diagnostic hearing test.

The great thing about this public service test, which is provided by AVH, is that it can be taken at home with no pressure to push you toward getting hearing aids. Also, if you don't believe the findings, have your kids or the best hearing person in the family take it so they can assure you that there really are 4 tones to be heard in each ear.

So if you are having:

 people repeat often;
 think people can no longer speak clearly;
 have difficulty hearing in noise;
 have trouble hearing the tv;
 have ringing or a constant noise in your ears;
 have balance problems,

then take this Dial-A-Hearing Screening test by calling 1-800-222-EARS (3277).

Conference planned on overcoming everyday challenges of autism, Aug. 20 and 21

Behavior analyst Tom Caffrey to present at August conference

BERLIN — Board certified behavior analyst Tom Caffrey, who has presented at over 300 conferences all over the world, is coming to White Mountains Community College in Berlin, on Aug. 20 and 21 to share his knowledge and experience with autism. 

"He's coming right to Berlin from Thailand," says Heather Day Holt, former Director of Autism Network-Guiding, Educating and Learning in Ireland, who attended over 200 hours of workshops and hands-on training with Caffrey. "My background is in communication disorders, counseling and play therapy and this approach to teaching is a bridge between all three!"

The cost of this workshop has been drastically decreased to ensure every individual in the North Country who has a child with autism or another developmental disability can attend and gain this life changing knowledge. Specifically, participants will learn about practical strategies that can help them to: engage a child that shows little or no interest in interacting with others, expand a child's interests and activities, teach functional communication skills to vocal and non-vocal learners, engage children in meaningful social situations with their peers, decide if a child should be a vocal or non-vocal learner, shape cooperative behavior and decrease escape motivated problem behavior, use research based teaching procedures to establish and maintain instructional control during structured teaching, develop an effective schedule to maximize learning opportunities, and implement reinforcement-based approaches that reduce problem behavior.

"No matter what areas of difficulty a child presents, first and foremost they are children," says Holt. "They are in need of fun, natural, play based interventions, especially when they have deficits in the area of social pragmatic skills, and Tom's presentation will address this beautifully."

White Mountains Community College has generously donated the venue and lunch for both days. The cost of the workshop is $295 for professionals and $195 for caregivers. They encourage early registration as seating is limited. For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Send payment to: Heather Day Holt, 106 Hill Rd. Dummer, NH 03588.


Foot Clinic at AVH Professional Clinic

BERLIN — Northwoods Home Health and Hospice, a member of the Northern New Hampshire Health Care Collaborative, is offering a Foot Care Clinic at the lower level of the AVH Professional Center every Friday in August from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For an appointment, please call 800-750-2366.

Nursing Alumni Association to disband

CONCORD – The officers and members of the N.H. Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association voted to end their long and devoted 109 year history with a grand reunion titled, 'Celebrating our Legacy'. According to the program chairperson, Stanley Plodzik, Class of 1964, the final early afternoon event will be held at the Marriott Hotel, Grappone Conference Center in Concord, on Sept. 12.

N.H. Hospital School of Nursing was one of the oldest psychiatric based hospital diploma schools of nursing in the United States. The school was founded in 1888, at the New Hampshire State Hospital in Concord, closing in 1983. The school provided a total of 95 years of continuous operation and nursing education. Graduates have held positions in every field of nursing in most states, and many foreign countries as well. Many of the graduates are proud veterans who served a commissioned officers in our military organizations serving in the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and more current areas of conflict.

Most of the schools of nursing in the state of New Hampshire, as well as schools from the New England states sent students for a three month affiliation. In total, 8855 students affiliated and completed their psychiatric component curriculum required for Registered Nurse licensure.

The event committee hopes to reach as many of the 1195 graduates along with faculty, friends and nursing affiliates associated with the school during its long history. For those would like to participate in this historic event and did not receive an invitation, please call (603) 219-6956.

Nursing-AlumniPictured in the photo are committee members: Sitting: Claudette Mahar, Joyce Johnson, Chester Fuller Standing: Sandra Davis, Stanley Plodzik, Carolyn Egan.