Paula E. Bradley questionnaire

A) Paula E. Bradley, Randolph Hill Road, Randolph. B) BA from Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio; graduate study at Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT and Hartford Seminary in Hartford, Connecticut. Taught high school in Westwood, MA, and taught at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand. C) State Legislator. D) I worked for seven years as Assistant to Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman when he was Majority Leader of the Connecticut State Senate; State Representative in the NH House for 4 terms; Treasurer of the Coos County Democratic Party; NH Democratic Committee. Board of the Randolph Mountain Club, 1986-92, 92-97, President 95-96. Board of Weeks Hospital, Lancaster, 1994-96. Board of Coos County Family Health Services, 1993-2001. Board of Northern Forest Heritage Park, 2002. 2) Public Education as been the overriding issue in the NH Legislature since the Claremont Decision. So far, only patchwork solutions have been tried. The most divisive has been the statewide property tax, pitting "donor" towns against "receiver" towns. Money has been taken from the general fund for the education fund, depriving many agencies of the revenues they need for staff and services. We need to raise more revenue. We cannot raise business taxes again. The state-wide property tax is unfair. What can we do? We might have to have an income tax. The one proposed by Mark Fernald raises enough revenue, and eliminates the Business Enterprise Tax, cuts the property tax and repeals the Interest and Dividends tax. Most residents of Coos County will benefit from his plan. Last term, I voted for an income tax and a sales tax because they were new revenue. I will support new approaches to our problem. 3) Improve our highways; maintain a positive business climate; lower property taxes; continue to develop the state's communication infrastructure - high speed, boradband Internet service. 4) Yes 5) I do not support expanded gambling in the state. The members of the House continue to reject all plans. 6) We need to encourage more insurance companies to come to New Hampshire so there will be more competition. One way to reduce the cost of prescription drugs is to enter into purchasing pools with surrounding states. 7)My favorite place in Coos County is a big one, the Presidentials. I love to walk on the trails and look at the peaks from all over. I feel a sense of possession for these mountains because they are in my district.