Jeanne A. Given

Jeanne A. Given, 67, of Reno, Nev. passed away peacefully at a nursing home on Thursday, May 11, 2017, following a lengthy struggle with Alzheimer's disease.
She was born on Dec. 16, 1947, in Berlin, the daughter of the late Edna Given Tremblay (Gallant) and Stanwood Libby Given Jr. Earlier in her life, she had been married to the late Lloyd D. Nolin of Stark, and the late Leo Desgroseillers of Florida.
Jeanne's brother, Mr. Stanwood L. Given III, of West Falmouth, Maine, and two daughters, Dr. Anna Nolin, of Westborough, Mass., and Ms. Katie Nolin, of Reno, Nev., and Katie's husband, Mr. Ron LaBlue of Reno, Nev., survive her. She also leaves behind her brother's beloved family, his wife Mrs. Pamela Given of Falmouth, Maine, and her nieces, Hannah and Sarah Given of West Falmouth; three grandchildren, Marcus LaBlue, of Reno, Nev., and Ethan Nolin-Halpern and Ava Nolin-Halpern of Westborough, Mass.
Jeanne was a skilled career registered nurse who worked in hospitals, doctors' offices and nursing homes across the North Country and Reno areas until her illness prohibited her from doing so. While living in the White Mountains area, she was an active member of the Holy Family Church and sponsored and counseled many through her work in Alcoholics Anonymous. An avid skier and food lover, Jeanne left the North Country to pursue life and adventure in the West in 1991 and remained there the rest of her life with her companion, Bill Clark, of Natick, Mass., until her illness made her unable to live without constant medical treatment. A passionate and loving person, Jeanne sought adventure and excitement in her life while balancing her deep love of family and her close circle of friends. Services will be held in the fall, her favorite time of year, and will be detailed closer to that time. Tributes can be made on her behalf to Coos County Nursing Home, where she enjoyed working and helping others.