1st Circuit Court – District Division Berlin – April 12, 2017

In First Circuit Court, District Division, Berlin, on Wednesday, April 12, the following cases were heard:
Jeremiah M. Baillargeon, 21, 369 East Side River Road, Milan, was charged with operating a motor vehicle at 56 miles-per-hour in a 30 mile-per-hour zone in Berlin which was nolle prossed. Baillargeon was found guilty of violating a City of Berlin ordinance by committing a motor vehicle offense and was ordered to pay a fine of $434.
Warren Doucette, 35, 653 Cheshire St., Berlin was charged with criminal trespass which was nolle prossed.
Wendy Conway, 24, 653 Cheshire St., Berlin, was found guilty of driving while intoxicated and ordered to pay a fine and penalty of $620, and complete the Impaired Driver Care Management Program. Conway also lost her license to operate a motor vehicle for 9 months with the opportunity to petition the court for early reinstatement after three months. A second charge of driving while intoxicated was nolle prossed.
William Fortin Jr., 32, 15 East Derry Road, Derry, was found guilty of credit card fraud for using a stolen credit card to purchase lottery tickets from the Irving/Circle K Store on Pleasant Street. Fortin was ordered to pay a fine and penalty of $620 which was suspended on the condition he maintains good behavior for one year and that he pay restitution to the victim in the amount of $143.63. A second charge of credit card fraud was nolle prossed.
Jason Gauthier, 35, 33 Bangor St., Gorham, was found guilty of violating a protective order and was sentenced to 120 days in the Coos County House of Corrections which was suspended on the condition he participates in drug and mental health counseling with a Licensed Adult Drug and Mental Health Counselor with quarterly reports indicating compliance with this court order to be submitted to the state and court. Gauthier also must maintain good behavior for two years.