Local officers receive award for going above and beyond call of duty

By Kirstan Knowlton

GORHAM — Recognizing their efforts for going above and beyond the call of duty, two Gorham Police Officers, Brian Lamarre and Jonathan Imperail, were honored on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

During Monday night’s Gorham Selectmen's meeting, Lamarre and Imperail were surprised by family and members of their department when they were awarded the Lifesaving Medal for their acts of heroism last summer giving lifesaving aid to individuals in separate incidents.

Imperail saved the life of an OHRV rider following an accident on July 3, 2016. He responded to the reported accident, meeting the rider on the trail and providing emergency medical assistance, which  included the application of a proper tourniquet just above the patient’s practically severed arm. His actions on scene were described by the Gorham Emergency Medical Service Director as, “life saving.”

Lamarre was working a special detail at the NASCAR event in Loudon on July 17, 2016, when he was called upon to provide aid to a person attending the event. During his shift, a vehicle pulled up to Lamarre with an unconscious passenger. The driver said the passenger was not breathing and did not have a pulse. Lamarre and Groton Police Chief E.J. Thompson took the patient out of the vehicle and began CPR. After four cycles of CPR, the patient’s heartbeat and breathing were restored and the patient survived.

“Police officers respond to a wide range of calls for service, and in many instances, must assess the incident and then react at a moment’s notice. Officer Imperial and Officer Lamarre were presented with situations that certainly required them to efficiently assess the situation and then quickly react with a high degree of competence and professionalism. They are a credit to their Department and to the profession of law enforcement," said Gorham Police Chief P.J. Cyr.

The Gorham Commendation and Awards Program awards Lifesaving Medals to officers who have saved or attempted to save the life of another, and have done so under circumstances that warrant special recognition for exceptional service "due to a high degree of efficiency, professionalism or act of initiative and quality." Officers awarded the Lifesaving Medal are presented with a green and white ribbon that is worn on their uniform and also presented with a certificate of award for their personnel file.

Gorham PD AwardReceiving a standing ovation, Police Officers Jonathan Imperail and Brian Lamarre were honored for going above and beyond the call of duty and providing life-saving assistance to individuals. From left are Selectmen Patrick Lefebvre, Selectmen Terry Oliver, Selectmen Grace LaPierre, Officer Michael Turgeon, Officer Jonathan Imperail, Police Chief P.J. Cyr and Town Manager Robin Frost. (KIRSTAN KNOWLTON PHOTO)

award picGorham Police Officers Brian Lamarre and Jonathan Imperail were honored on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day with Lifesaving Medals. (COURTESY PHOTO)