Grenier loses hockey wager

BERLIN — Carroll County Commissioner Mark Hounsell will be enjoying some Bisson’s Maple Syrup after winning a friendly wager with Coos County Commissioner Paul Grenier over the outcome of the Class III boys' ice hockey final last Saturday.
Hounsell approached Grenier last Friday to see if he was up for a wager on the game between the Kennett High School team and the Berlin-Gorham team. Hounsell, of Conway, put up a gallon of Carroll County maple syrup. Grenier countered with a gallon of Bisson’s Maple Syrup produced in Berlin, where Grenier also serves as mayor.
“It is with a heavy heart that I have to eat this big piece of humble pie,” Grenier said, admitting that the Eagles had played very well to beat the Mountaineers, 4-0.
Hounsell was gracious in victory, thanking Grenier for his sportsmanship and calling the Berlin-Gorham team “a very good team."
“They are the proof," he said, “that your community has an excellent hockey program. They have ensured that Berlin does remain 'Hockey Town USA.' I am certain you are proud of them.”