Wireless Partners opens offices in Groveton and Concord

By Edith Tucker
The Berlin Daily Sun

CONCORD — The privately held Maine-based Wireless Partners, LLC and its New Hampshire sister company, Great North Woods Wireless, which recently launched the 4G LTE network in Coos County, are continuing to expand New Hampshire footprint. The companies are opening a vendors’ office on Loudon Road within sight of the State House dome in Concord and a in-county office in the scale house in Chapman Industrial Park off Route 3 in Groveton.

Kevin Shea, whom Wireless Partners CEO Bob Parsloe recently hired as director of engineering programs, divides his time between the capital and various out-in-the-field locations in Coos County.

Shea brings more than 30 years of telecommunications and regulatory expertise to his new position. He served as director of regulatory affairs for Verizon Communications and was also appointed by Gov. John Lynch to the Enhanced 9-1-1 and the Right-To-Know Commissions.

“I’m proud to be part of this effort to bring quality wireless services to New Hampshire residents, plus the many tourists who visit the northern part of the state and don’t want to lose connectivity,” Shea explained, noting that the company is filling out its footprint with 12 to 14 additional sites in Coos alone.

Most recently, Wireless launched a site in North Stratford. It still only provides broadband data services while it waits for required 9-1-1 testing and approval before activating voice services.

“We’re on schedule; our first four sites — Milan Hill, Route 26 in Errol, Morse Mountain in Groveton, Chapel Hill in Pittsburg-Stewartstown — are all fully in service and without issues,” Parsloe said in an April 13 telephone interview. “We support the Verizon customer base.”

Another Granite Stater, Tom Buckley, is also now working as Chief Technology Officer in Coos.

About 30 percent of the company’s planned expansion in Coos, primarily north of Lancaster, has been completed.

“We expect to be 50 percent or more complete by the end of this year, and by this time next year we expect to be complete,” Parsloe said, noting that this represents a financial commitment in the millions of dollars.

“We’re very focused on our business,” Parsloe said. “We believe that more businesses and financial activity will take place in Coos County once great service and connectivity is available all across this extraordinary rural landscape. There’ll always be a few gaps, but essentially those moving around the Coos on primary roads and population center will be connected.” Parsloe added that everyone involved in the project has been pleased that the lives of several snowmobilers in Pittsburg had been saved this winter because of improved cell service.

Wireless Partners maintains a website at www.wireless-partnersllc.com.