Gorham Police Department explores options for police contract

By Kirstan Knowlton
GORHAM — After receiving approval from voters during the annual town meeting, Police Chief PJ Cyr began working with the Berlin Police Department to explore the viability of a contract for police and dispatch services.
Since the end of May, Cyr and Berlin Police Chief Peter Morency, along with their command staff, have met three times to discuss the viability of a contract.
During the meetings, Cyr and Morency went over the expectation of services and statistical data relevant to the potential contract.
“The initial meetings with Chief Morency and his staff have been positive. Our discussions are forward thinking, and I have confidence that in the end, the proposal will be fiscally responsible and deliver the highest level of police services to both communities,” said Cyr.
Before the study officially went forward, residents had the opportunity to weigh in on the level of services that they would like to receive. During the hearing many residents expressed interest in continuing a similar level of coverage.
Based on the hours of coverage and services needed, Cyr was confident that he would be able to work with Berlin to create several options for the town to choose from.
He went on to explain that coverage comes down to math, and with seven 24-hour periods, it gives officers a total of 168 hours to cover.
Moving forward, Cyr and Morency will map out how the administrative and operational functions of police and emergency communications services could be delivered to the Town of Gorham.
Cyr and Morency will provide an update on the progress they have made at the next board of selectmen's meeting being held on Monday, July 24, at the Gorham Town Hall.
Selectmen have requested that all reports on the study be completed by Oct. 1.