Balsams Resort hopes to reopen in 2018

By Edith Tucker
The Berlin Sun

LANCASTER — Ed Brisson, a key member of the Dixville Capital development team, informed the Coos County Planning Board Wednesday that the corporation had submitted four applications for its review.

He read aloud a letter signed by team leader Les Otten pointing out that “after several years of challenging work and more than $8 million of investment, we are very close to finalizing the many elements needed to begin construction” to reopen the Balsams Resort for the 2018 holiday season.

“For many reasons,” Brisson said, ”beginning Phase 1 renovations and new construction the first week in October is essential for a 2018 reopening and potentially to the project’s ultimate success.”

He asked that the board be ready to approve Dixville Capital’s application for a minor lot line adjustment for the Hampshire Dix parcel and the three applications it made seeking approvals to allow construction of the brand-new Lake Gloriette House (hotel) and Phase I infrastructure at two successive meetings later this month, the first for a completeness review and the second for a required public hearing.

“We would also request the board to identify a schedule for potential continuances during the following weeks” that would allow critical project timelines to be met, including beginning Plase I renovations and new construction the first week in October, Brisson said.

“Many development elements are coming together quickly to allow us to begin construction this fall,” he pointed out. “We have (informal) 5 percent reservation deposits on nearly $25 million worth of real estate.” The state attorney general’s office has neither received nor approved a development offering, however.

“Our financing efforts are proceeding well, and we have the opportunity to close on all funds needed to start construction in 60 days,” Brisson continued.

“As to acquiring necessary state permits, we are proceeding with the state Department of Environmental Services concurrently with your board review.”
In a brief one-on-one Q & A, Brisson explained that if all went as planned a great deal of site work could be done on the project this fall, very possibly including pouring some foundations.

Dixville Capital said it greatly appreciated the board’s long hours and hard work in reaching this point and reminded board members that putting the redevelopment on track would create hundreds of new jobs.