Milan planning board delays decision on campground cabins

MILAN — The Milan planning board postponed a decision on a site plan application for a commercial campground off Milan Hill until its October meeting to address some last minute concerns raised by the fire chief.

Amos Flint is proposing to build nine rental cabins on a 40-acre parcel at 460 Milan Hill Road owned by his father, Thomas Flint. Earlier this year, the Milan Zoning Board granted the project a special exception.

Don Bouchard of Horizons Engineering outlined the proposal to the board at its meeting Thursday night. The property is across from Milan Hill State Park.

The proposed cabins would be recreational camping cabins with a maximum square footage of 400 square feet each as allowed under state statutes. Bouchard said the cabins would have small kitchens, bathrooms, as well as one to two bedrooms. A propane heating system will allow year-around use. Flint proposes to build a home on the property as well as a maintenance building.

There would be three separate septic systems — one for the house and two for the cabins. The project will also require a new well.

Bouchard said he had spoken to Fire Chief Bud Chapman about the access road, which will be 20 feet wide with 2-foot wide shoulders. They have also agreed to build a fire pond on the site.

Outside lighting at the cabins will be directed down in keeping with dark sky guidelines.

Bouchard said they are seeking a variety of state permits including alteration of terrain, wetlands, highway and drinking water permits.

Abutters Zanita and Bob Morin and Gerry Hamel told the board they have no problem with the project. They said the zoning board addressed any concerns they had and they are supportive.

Planning Board Chair Randy Fortin said he had received a call that afternoon from Chapman and the fire chief wanted 4-foot shoulders on the access road and a larger fire pond. He said the chief indicated he could not attend the meeting.

Bouchard said he would like to see the chief’s data for the two requests. He said 4-foot shoulders are rare and the width of the road and shoulders should be sufficient for fire vehicles. He said the developer would be willing to make adjustments to the road width in certain areas. Bouchard said the proposed fire pond would have enough water to fight four house fires. He said the figure requested by Chapman would require almost a doubling of the proposed size.

The board decided to postpone a decision until its October meeting to allow Chapman and Bouchard to directly discuss the chief’s concerns.