FIling Period for Berlin municipal election closes Tuesday

BERLIN – Candidates have until 4 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 10 to file with the city clerk’s office for the Nov. 7 municipal election.
The office was closed Monday because of the Columbus holiday. Filings by the end of Friday were:

Mayor (2 -year position) – Paul Grenier of 492 Champlain St., and Richard Mattos, Jr., of 700 Lancaster St.

City Council (four 4-year positions) - Lanetha Strahan of 207 Willard St., Christina Dickinson of 19 Charron Ave., Jeffrey Lagrange of 117 Wight St., Andre Martel of 375 Derrah St., Michael Rozek of 2525 Howard St., Lucie Remillard of 85 Hinchey St., and Russ Otis of 18 Cascade St.

School Board – (three 2-year positions) Nicole Plourde of 111 Washington St., Louise Valliere of 25 Pinecrest St. and Debra Ackerman of 15 Arlington St.
(one 4-year position) Scott Losier of 52 Main St.

Library Trustee (two 2-year positions) – Linda Lafleur of 400 High St., and Yvonne Thomas of 557 Norway St.