Ithaca Bound: Visiting 2017

Whenever we awaken from whatever partying we may do New Year’s Eve, it will be the first day of the new year - 2017. For the first time in memory, it is hard to be enthusiastic about the continued growth of this country in the coming year.
Twenty days into the new year, the presidency of our country will be taken over by a man I totally distrust, a man who, in my opinion, has not shown himself to be worthy of trust. My research into who Donald Trump reveals a man who really wants to be a dictator - and has said as much. The choices he has already made for cabinet and aides are frightening: an avowed racist, a climate change denier, an anti-environmentalist, a fossil fuel advocate, and so on. Trump, who is anti-science, may well eave this country far behind the rest of the world in terms of scientific advancement by the time his time in office is ended. (And don’t forget, Trump threatened to challenge the legality of this past election’s vote if he had lost. Who knows what he may try to do when his time in office is officially over.) I blame the foolishness of having an Electoral College have the final say as to who actually becomes president. (More on that in a later column.)
And his admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin, the former head of the notorious KGB, should concern us all.
Enough of the downside. Time to look at the positives. The New England spots fan has much to look forward to. If you are a football fan, the Patriots are well positioned to add another Super Bowl victory to their already impressive list achieved over the past fifteen years.
The Red Sox should once again make their league’s playoffs, and possibly contend for a World Series ring. Both the Bruins and the Celtics should be contenders in their respective league’s playoffs, although neither looks to be good enough to go very far.
The local high school teams tend to do well each year, with Berlin’s hockey teams - Ice and field - frequently contending for state honors. It would be nice to hear more about what’s happening in the areas of art and music.
More next time.

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