Frank LaFerriere: Welcome to the Republican Twilight Zone

To the editor:

Welcome to the Republican Twilight Zone. Where facts become fiction, where lies become the truth, where you can say your version of a lie, and have it accepted as truth by the Republican voters.

Of course, you have the Twilight Zone-living Republican voters, who suck up the real fake news of Faux Nitwit Newsless, Rush and Glen and of course, from the racist, hate-filled Briebart News, like they are sucking down a 30 pack of Natty Ice so they can go out and buy another, while screaming about the real news about their treasonous traitor Donald Trump — I refuse to call him President. If he is presidential, then I am a billionaire.

Traitor Trump, his traitor son Donnie Jr., his traitor son-in-law Paul Manafort, and of course, the traitors Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John Boehner and the rest of the treasonous Republican party sold out the United States to Putin and Russia. There is overwhelming proof of this.

There is overwhelming proof that Trump was in bed with not only Putin, but the Russian mob as well. There is proof he was present in the building when his treasonous son and son-in-law, as well as others met with the Russians — people Trump claims to never have known, yet time and time again, pictures and videos shows he is an outright liar.

There is overwhelming proof that Trump was in bed with the Russian mafia for over 30 years. There is overwhelming evidence that hundreds of Russian mafia men have been to Trump Towers, that they had a suite right under Donnie's suite, and held high-stakes poker games and many other illegal activities. There is overwhelming evidence that the Russian mob bailed out Trump with tens of millions of dollars when he went bankrupt. There is overwhelming evidence that the Russians paid off Manafort's huge debt.

There is more than enough evidence against the rest of the Republicans too, like McConnell, Ryan and Boehner knew what was going on with Trump and the Russians, but wanted to steal the election any way they could, so they either turned a blind eye to it, or even participated in this selling out of our country to Russia and Putin.

But, of course, their Republican supporters, drunk on Faux Nitwit Newsless and that Natty Ice, will tell you to your face, that Traitor Trump is the best president we could ever ask for, and of course, everything said about Trump and Russia is just Fake News and an attempt to pay him back because Democrats and us Libertards as they love to call us are sore losers.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we live now in the Twilight Zone. I can see Rod Serling coming out now, doing his introduction: "Imagine if you will, a political party, so evil, so perfect in their hate, their bigotry, their racism, their misogyny, their living in a psychotic world of their own making, called the Republicans, who sold out their country to an enemy, all so they could screw their most hated enemies, the Democrats, and of course themselves, elect and defend and support a treasonous leader, who raped his own wife, was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl at one of convicted Jerry Epstein's pedophile parties, who believes he has a right, because he is rich, to grab any woman by the breasts or other private areas, that he can insult and denigrate the disabled, the poor, the refugee and all others, and be called the greatest president ever, by those who elected him.

Where Republicans insulted and denigrated Michelle Obama for going to church in a sleeveless, though classy dress, or her daughters for what they wore, why that is OK. But when their "First Lady" Melania Trump goes to midnight mass dressed in a leather mini-skirt, or even poses nude in lesbian layouts, why she gets a pass and is called classy, intelligent, and we are screamed at, stop hating on her.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you ... to the Twilight Zone.

Frank LaFerriere


Steven Connolly: State shouldn’t be bailing out Balsams

To the editor:

If the media are to be believed, the Balsams bailout will begin in October.

There are some problems with this; the sense of urgency being one of them.

“There will have to be public hearings if they submit an application,” said James Key-Wallace of the Business Finance Authority, in response to my concerns that this $28 million state backed loan guarantee is just too risky.

To listen to developer Les Otten there is a groundswell of support across northern New Hampshire for this unprecedented real estate deal in Dixville Notch. It would be interesting if any of this can even be substantiated.

The state shouldn’t be doing this.

Steven Connolly


Denise Jensen: Computer stolen from Berlin Public Library

To the editor:

I would like to reach out to the person or persons who removed a computer from the Berlin Public Library adult department on Wednesday, Aug. 2.

Computers in the library are here for all in the community. When someone steals from the library they are stealing from and hurting their community.

The computer that was taken was password protected and is only useful at the Berlin Public Library. Please reconsider your actions. It would be a very redeeming act if you would simply return the computer to the book box in the front of the library.

Ever Hopeful,
Denise Jensen
Library Director
Berlin Public Library

Dawn Tupick: Property taxes are too high

To the editor:

Yes! Property taxes are too high.

What to do? Unite against the ever demanding raidson our pocketbooks. Will uniting aid and abet the struggling home owners of Berlin? No!

Until homeowners find them selves a leader who is not afraid of the unions and Democrat money mongrels, sadly, the answer is no.

A number of years ago, there was a Berlin Tax Payers association. We fought long and hard with the chiefs who wanted their union power, men whom I say today caused many a homeowner to throw in the towel.

Just drive up on the avenues and look at the once beautiful homes turned into slums by the prison Industry.

No taxes there.

Fighting property taxes is a very complicated issue. When the corporations hold back on their taxes, filing for a new assessment adds the missing tax money onto who?

Bringing in what has been called new industry, tax-free for five years on what you and I are paying to maintain Berlin, is totally unfair and borderline dishonest.

A few years ago, people were selling their furniture, room by room, to pay property taxes, Others were buying animal food for animals they did not have. I was told by one person dog food made good hash.

Our tax rolls can be mended. I can find no reason to increase our taxes by $100. The question is, who is willing to step up and fight to save their home. Will we the new slums of Berlin?

Dawn Tupick



Elizabeth Ruediger:

To the editor:

The politics of isolationism and the appearance of impropriety — they are equally damaging to the democratic process.

I even have to question if it is politically correct to use the word "democratic," as we, as a nation, practice the process of treating anyone who thinks differently as "the enemy." This plays in government from top to bottom, from the White House to the tiniest of municipalities. One may think running a government as a family business is a new concept in the era of Donald Trump, but this modus operandi has been alive and well in small town government.

Part of the issue is that residents feel their town magically runs itself. It doesn't. It requires knowledge and commitment. Part of the issue is that small towns are dominated by a few family strains that feel an inherent entitlement to hold the reigns and seek the glory of maintaining a monarchy based on a small gene pool.
This does not have to be so.

I encourage those who have joined their community to rise to the occasion and assist in the preservation of a quality of life that brought them to their place of residence. There is no birth right to being a positive role model in your community. The challenge is to defy the logic that anything outside of the inner circle is somehow a threat to the longstanding way of life that all in the community enjoy, not just a select few who happen to have the "acceptable" last name and an automatic claim to respectability.

Introducing new ideas and creating a sense of checks and balances to avoid conflict of interest or the appearance of impropriety is a good thing. Instituting a sense of entitlement based on a birth certificate does not serve the community, at large, well. It creates an air of distrust among those in the community who will always feel like outsiders or worse, infiltrators.

We all have a part to play. I encourage those who are "transplants" to not be cavalier in their need for community betterment. Change is hard and not always welcome. But it is important for those who relocate to our communities to invest their time and strengths into their local government to collectively create a future that is stable, steadfast and progressive.

We all need to grow together, as a community filled with people who have had real world experiences, as opposed to a lifetime of isolationism.

So, if you have an inkling to help by devoting time and attention to the real world problems that face your community, now is the time to ask, "what can I do to help make things better?" The first step is filling vacancies on municipal boards and committees that require a level of intellect that many communities are desperate for and in short supply of.

If you work for your community, even as an outsider, your community will work for all who cherish it, regardless of birthright. It is your time and your expertise are required; you decide how you want to apply them.

Elizabeth Ruediger