Claire Aubut: Reach out with a helping hand

To the editor: 

Let us bring joy to one another in faith and hope through this Christmas Season and all through the year! 

There are people we haven't met yet and so many more we know! If you know someone in need of a bit of cheer, please reach out a helping hand. It is much more in giving that one receives. God, so loved us all and when we think of Christmas, a family with a child on the way, once born laying in a manger, on a cold winters night. 

Family and I do mean all faithful brothers and sisters joined in faith, enjoy each other's company, for we know not what the next moment, hour or day will bring forward. Time goes by so fast, we have but one unique life, make it a life of joy, hope and most of all love. 

God bless us all, Merry Christmas. 

Claire Aubut,