Matt Hawkins: Thank you for fundraising efforts

To the editor:

We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has been a part of the fundraising efforts in support of Jolinda Hawkins. We will never be able to properly express our sincere gratitude for what you have been doing. We can only say that we are truly thankful for everything that the community has done for us since her cancer diagnosis last May. We have spent the last month doing our best to say thank you, personally, to as many individuals and organizations as possible. If you were overlooked, we apologize. That is not a reflection of our level of gratitude. It’s more of a reflection of the overwhelming outpouring of support we have received from you. We simply can’t keep up with it. So, if you have donated money, your time, food, flowers, gifts, transportation, prayers, positive thoughts, or kind words; please know that we appreciate your efforts. There are some people, however, we would like to thank publicly. Thank you to Kelly Croteau and Roy Robinson. They started all of this. They mentioned that they would like to do something for Jolinda. We had no idea that this is what they had in mind. We also send a huge thank you to Nick Wright, and the entire River Drivers organization, who created an event that we will never forget. The auction after the game was another example of what makes this community so special. We were deeply touched by the love, support, and generosity on display in the arena that night. Our family is forever grateful to our incredible North Country support system. Happy Holidays to all!

The Hawkins family,

Jolinda, Matt, Nick, Elijah, Sydney, and Owen