Frank LaFerriere: As a community we should support Bikes Not Bombs

To the editor:

I applaud Bronson Leclerc for doing what he is doing with Bikes Not Bombs. It proves again to me how the students of our local schools are truly involved in the community they live in.

What amazes me is that Steve Roy and Annie Lake has to complain about it because it is in their view. Really Steve and Annie?

I used to go by Bikes Not Bombs on Mill St all the time. Sure sometimes there was an overflow, typically that happened before the organization came to pick up the bikes and people would drop off the bikes so they could be picked up. Yet most of the time? The bikes were kept in the enclosure. But even with the overflow, Betty and Matt Saladino kept it pretty organized. It may not have been perfect, but I see no reason to trash Betty, Mike or Bikes Not Bombs for it. Nor do I see a reason to put a stop to Bronson in continuing this work where he plans on having it. It is amazing that Bronson picked this project for his senior class project. He should be commended for it. He has been involved in it since sixth grade and that says an awful lot about the goodness of Bronson's character.

If it worries Mr Roy and Ms Lake so much, how about they participate in the program and work towards keeping it organized, instead of doing what they can to make it a “not in my backyard” problem.

I am even willing to spend the time necessary, if need be, to help Bronson keep the area organized and cleaned up. I walk by that area almost every day and if it needs some cleaning up, then I will do so. It sounds like Matt will continue to do so too.

So before you put the kibosh on this very worthwhile program and Bronson's project, which does incredible work with developing countries, and also keeps all of these bikes that would end up in our landfills out of them, I say allow Bronson to do what he is doing and finish it. Lets see what he does before badmouthing and causing problems that may not even be there.

As a community we all should support Bronson, Matt, Betty and the Bikes Not Bombs program.

Frank LaFerriere,