Joseph C. Briggs: Grateful for care received by staff and hospital

To the editor:

Recently both my partner and I ended up in the hospital at the same time. Neither one of us realized how sick we were.

My partner started with not being able to walk. Berlin EMS people did a fantastic job getting him out of the house and down 14 stairs to the ambulance. We will be forever grateful for their kindness and professionalism.

Add to not being able to walk; which finally turned out to be a severe case of gout and arthritis, a very severe case of pnemonia.

My problems started with a fever, cough, and chills that almost: vibrated me off of the sofa. Turned out I had a severe asthma flare up and pneumonia.

I never dreamed that we would both end up sick and in the hospital at the same time.

The main reason for this letter is to thank all the wonderful staff at Androscoggin Valley Hospital. Everyone could not have been kinder. The ladies that registered us, the techs, nurses, and doctors in the ER, the lab people, techs from radiology, the nurses, LNAs, inhalation therapy people, physical therapy people, the doctors up on the floor; even housekeepers and kitchen help: everyone was just wonderful.

To encompass everyone; let's just say that every single AVH employee that we came in contact with could not have been greater.

We are so very grateful that we live so close to such a great facility that employs so very many wonderful, caring people. Thank you all so very much; we will both be forever grateful for all your kindness.

So often we find time to complain and criticize, I think it is time to let people know that there are very caring people right here in our own city.

Joseph C. Briggs

Louis DeSouza, Jr.