Dawn Tupick: Oil bills are not getting paid

To the editor:

Were you a recipient of a letter from Tri-County Community Action Program that your fuel this winter would be paid for? Have you been receiving bills for the fuel companies for fuel you ordered in December? People your bills as of the beginning of March have not been paid!

Here we are going into April at the end of the line, and our supply of saved oil in our tanks is waiting for a refill.

Do not panic. This matter has been brought to the attention of the proper people in Concord. Your oil will be paid for. Please call this number in Concord (603) 271-8317 ask if your oil has been paid for. It is important you do this.

Why isn’t our oil paid for? Unfortunately a number of people received a double fill and our first fill was set aside (I will not comment on this situation). I am also aware this problem is not just Berlins’ problem; it has affected our neighbors around the area also. Take care; your oil will now be paid for.

Dawn Tupick