Bill Dwyer: Time for an independent audit

I would have closed the library and kept the nurse

To the editor:

Well, this administration decided to close the city nurse but keep the library open. Easy to see where their feelings lie.

The city nurse was a benefit to the people of Berlin. People could go get their blood pressure checked, toe nails clipped and cholesterol checked for example for about $20.

Now, they will have to go to the emergency room or make other arrangements. And I hear that in their eagerness to close it down there was about $80,000 in outstanding billing. So, do they wait until it was all closed out? No. They hire a consulting company called Simione, so we now pay air fair, lodging, car rental, and wages to do what a $13/hour local hire was doing. But we've got a library.

And I also hear that there was a $60,000 slush fund. I wonder what happened to that? Maybe we can use that for the skate park. Remember the skate park? Or it should have been used for the disenfranchised population of the city while the city nurse was open. But now it goes into the black hole? If it was up to me, I would have closed the library and kept the nurse, but that's just me. Time for an independent audit, and time for a change.

Bill Dwyer