Bob Petersen: No longer putting up with the actions of the A.V. Fish and Game Association

To the editor:

Attention Androscoggin Valley Fish and Game Associate Members. This letter is a formal letter of resignation and notice to you, the heart of the A.V.F. and G.A, effective April 7.

I Bob Petersen will no longer put up with the actions of the Androscoggin Valley Fish and Game Associations President Roland Turgeon. The atmosphere at our monthly meetings has been of such a childish nature, and totally disruptive, when we are trying to accomplish things that would benefit our associate members. The actions of the president are of such uncalled behavior, such as yelling, throwing items and childish temper tantrums clearly unprofessional conduct of which I can no longer tolerate.

It has also come to my attention that decisions have been made at unofficial meetings and without a quorum or the opportunity to vote by all directors. In my opinion this is wrong and is a form of dictatorship when we do not have a say on the direction of the association and the decisions that are being made.

Perhaps the resignation of the existing President Roland Turgeon is in order.

I Beverly Petersen, agree with everything Bob Petersen has explained and along with that I would also like to add that I also believe that the minutes of all meetings should be read aloud, especially when not everyone has e-mail. Directors are asked to accept minutes and in some cases have not even seen them. Inconsistent interpretations of the by - laws, and I have also had enough of the caveman mentality and total disrespect for women in general. The harassment and disrespect of female directors is intolerable! There are laws against such behavior.
I also agree that it is time for the association to decide who it wants on its board of directors and as its president etc., perhaps others would better serve the associate members. Possibly 30 directors chosen by the associate members not fellow directors.

I can no longer in good conscience stand witness, so I am also resigning as director.

I Sherry L. Anderson was approached by the A.V.F. and G.A. directors listed above and told why they have chosen to terminate their directorships after many dedicated years of service.

I am totally disgusted with the direction our association is going. I believe no good can come from it. Bob and Beverly are great people and the association has already lost an over abundance of other great directors for many of the same reasons and due to four or five of the same individuals, over the past few years. It seems that some are more interested in sitting at the head table for the 100th Anniversary in a couple of years, and appropriation of large association funds without proper authorization or knowledge of the associate members, than the associate members. I totally agree with the observations by Bob and Bev and it is for this reason and many more that after decades of support by myself and my family, I will no longer serve as director or support the A.V.F. and G.A. in any way!

My time spent with you the associate members, N.H. Fish and Game Conservation Officers and especially my Trap Shooters “children most of all” will always be cherished.

The following businesses are also withdrawing long-standing support A.C. Scrap Metal, Anderson Pyrotechnics as well as several others.

Bob Petersen
Beverly Petersen
Sherry L. Anderson