Julia Sullivan: Library essential our economic viability

To the editor: 
In rebuttal to recent letters decrying the usefulness of Berlin Public Library, I submit that we are not all internet fanatics and, in fact, still like reading books we can open and hold. How fortunate we are to have a lending library offering the best of our literary world. 

Frank LaFerriere's letter in defense of the library was both eloquent and on target. Our librarians are a secret treasure; knowledgeable, resourceful and ever gracious, they afford us the benefit of their expertise while never losing their cool. 

Of late, cost cutting has resulted in the loss of many civic services: to name two, the Berlin Public Health Department and less sidewalk snow removal. Being forced to walk on roads this past winter was a nightmare, never mind exceedingly dangerous. Don't add curtailment of the public library to those indignities! 

Over the years, I've been a habitual to our library and can attest to the reality that it is frequently used by many members. Anyone who claims the library is seldom patronized doesn't have a clue. 

It is my belief that having a public library is essential to the economic viability of any town. To propose otherwise if the height of ignorance. Our library is a vital part of our community. I am grateful for it. Kudos to the superlative staff who make it so. 

Julia Sullivan