Frank LaFerriere: I will stand up for the Berlin and Gorham libraries

To the editor:

To Mr. Dwyer about the library. I heard rumors Mr. Dwyer failed reading comprehension, and I guess those rumors have proven true by his own words to me. Mr. Dwyer seems to feel that because he has the internet and no longer uses the library, that all of us should no longer have the library available to us. And then he questions how come I use the library so much. I wonder if he even read my letter, but to state it clearly again to him, for research on two books I am writing and for my love of reading.

The love of reading and the search for knowledge was instilled into me when I was a very young child. There were no computers or internet at that time. I remember getting my first library card at 10. It was a very happy day for me. Since then? I have gone to the libraries all around the country, even the JFK Library, and have been amazed. All of the librarians I have ever met, from the largest, to even the Berlin and Gorham libraries, are some of the most knowledgeable, intelligent, well-educated people I know. Most of them have either Bachelors or Masters degrees in the library sciences. Yet it seems to Mr. Dwyer that these highly educated people who work their butts off at the libraries, deserve to be paid what? Minimum wage? Or that the hours should be cut back? Really?

So Mr. Dwyer, you can have your internet at home to use. But sir? I will continue to use the library, and so will the many others who use it, whether you like it or not. To be blunt. You mess with the library, you are messing with something I truly hold dear to me and so do many, many others. That is not something you really want to do. Because I will stand up for the Berlin and Gorham libraries, their librarians. And if you Mr. Dwyer do not like it? Well too bad, so sad. Go cry somewhere else.

Frank LaFerriere