John Gralenski: Health care is severely flawed

To the editor:

A while back, I bumbled onto an article that said the FDA was approving the use of an artificial pancreas. Being a diabetic, I was interested. This rig would constantly measure the blood sugar level and automatically inject the proper amount of insulin. Wow. I was impressed. Then the article mentioned that this had been in use in Europe for about 20 years.

We seem to do that. If we didn't come up with the idea, it must be suspect. I heard a guy on TV explaining why we shouldn't buy our medicines in Canada, even though they are much cheaper there, because Canada doesn't have the same controls that the United States does. It sounded as if you could easily locate a drug store in Canada because the street out front would be littered with dead bodies.

We seem to be taking the same approach to health care. We've got Obamacare, which turns out to be severely flawed. So we're trying to replace it with another program which seems to be equally half-baked. Meanwhile, just about every civilized country in the world has universal health care. Japan, Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom all have functioning plans. It seems it would be easy enough to study those and see which is best. Oh, but we couldn't do that. It's unAmerican.

It makes you wonder if the biggest concern is how to do this without offending the big drug companies and the insurance industry which own much of Washington, D.C. And, of course, there is little incentive for the politicians to fix the situation because they are nicely covered by their own generous health-care plan.

Ah well, as somebody said, we have the best government that money can buy.

John Gralenski