Bill Dwyer: Streets in Berlin are still not swept

To the editor:
We went for a ride this morning thru up the East Side River Road into Milan and then went over to see the Osprey nest at the corner of Muzzy Hill Road (Rt110A) and Rt 16. After that we drove around Cedar Pond and then onto RT 110 and back to Berlin. It was a nice day, the sun was peeking out through the clouds so we went down York Pond Road to see if the road was open (it wasn't) and then headed back to Berlin. One thing that we noticed was until we got back to Berlin all the streets were swept. Berlin, still working at it. I know I complain about this every year but can't seem to wrap my head around why? Maybe we can ask them what their secret is. Or maybe we can borrow Gorham's after their done with theirs. And with the weather finally warming it's also too bad we still don't have a skate park for the kids to play at. They used to have one and I thought they were promised one but still working at that also I guess.
Bill Dwyer