Robert Kruszyna: Head-of-state thinks he is a king

To the editor:

Independence Day is more popularly known as the Fourth of July, which obscures the significance of the event.

To us, the Declaration of Independence has an especially personal meaning. My wife Harriet is a direct descendant of Roger Sherman of Connecticut who was a member of the committee that drafted the document, along with Thomas Jefferson of Virginia, John Adams of Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania and Robert Livingston of New York. Sherman, of course signed the Declaration, and later the Constitution, too.

In the Declaration, the members of the Continental Congress described at tedious length the ills, insults, grievances, affronts, injuries that King George had tyrannically imposed on his American subjects without their consent. Now we have a head-of-state who thinks he is a king and disregards the wishes and needs of his citizens, or perhaps, I should say “subjects.”

Alas, the America that the “Founders” envisioned is rapidly being destroyed to empower the “king” and the wealthy plutocrats and corporations that prop him up.

Enjoy the fireworks!

Robert Kruszyna