Cecile Labbe Morrissette: Thankful for Dr. Sullivan's care

To the editor:

Having worked as a registered nurse at Androscoggin Valley Hospital for more than 28 years has given me the opportunity to take care of patients too numerous to mention, many of whom I still enjoy seeing today.

I have also enjoyed working with numerous doctors over the years, but at the age of 76 I was finally in need of a doctor as well as a new knee. I had my choice of orthopedic surgeons from here to Concord and beyond, but the only reason I decided to have it done at my own hometown hospital was because of Dr. Delphine Sullivan.

She was the only one I wanted to do my knee. I already knew how she treats her patients, and I was very confident in her skills as a surgeon. My therapy is on track and my new knee has made me feel younger already.

I’ve known you for a long time, Dr. Sullivan and I’m thankful to have you as my doctor. Thanks again.

Cecile Labbe Morrissette