Ellin Leonard: Too much hidden money in our elections

To the Editor:
I feel compelled to write about President Donald Trump and the Republican party’s “plan” for health care for U.S. citizens.  
Most important is the simple fact, that this proposal has nothing to do with health insurance and everything to do with a tax benefit to the wealthiest Americans.  
I believe that in a country as wealthy as the United States of America, basic health care is a basic human right.  
We need a single payer system. Think Medicare.  Basics covered for all, supplemental coverage, on the open market.  
It works, it is not perfect, but its management costs are the lowest in the world.  
Everyone in the system.  Poor, wealthy, young, old.  
The overall costs for care would go down dramatically over time.  
American industries would be out of the health care system; they would be able to give employees raises! And, they would be more competitive in the world marketplace.   
Last, in my opinion, most of the bad parts of major legislation/current law are because the laws are written by lobbyists with vested interests — think big Pharma, big biomed, big health insurance companies.  
There is way too much hidden money in our elections, for both parties.    
Ellin Leonard