Jim Hrdlicka: Encouraged by special election results

To the editor:
On this beautiful first day of summer, I am so encouraged to know that the next 90 days will be warmer and longer. I am equally encouraged to know the recent special election results.
The defeated Democrat in Georgia said the following to his saddened supporters: “While we had hoped for a better result, know that this is just the beginning of something bigger than all of us.” My thought: I sure hope he’s right.
Immediately following on the radio broadcast, a commentator said: “Donald Trump is a divisive president, but people seem to like what he’s doing.” My response: “Bravo!”
Some free advice to the “progressives,” in the words of Yogi Bera: “If you don’t know where your going, you might just end up somewhere else.”
Happy summertime, and God bless America.
Jim Hrdlicka