Bill Dwyer: Why is nothing being done to extinct railroad crossings?

To the editor:
Congratulations, Berlin: We are finally getting our skate park back. I guess it's fitting that the city that depends on grants for survival that we require a grant to get it built. I can't help but wonder, though, what happened to the money that Burgess Power paid for the location of the old park? I'm sure it must have gotten used for a good purpose. And with all the work being done on the roads in Berlin I wonder why nothing is being done to the extinct railroad crossings. The ones on the Berlin-Gorham road are muffler busters. It's not like they are ever going to be used again. I can't believe we hire an engineering firm, and that's not one of their priorities for removal — unless we are keeping the ones in Berlin in order to remove the three railroad cars that are still up by the Northern Forest Heritage Park, maybe.
Bill Dwyer